Global Cross-border Technology Trade Center inaugurated in the new Lingang District of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone

In order to carry out the four major requirements for Shanghai put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the recent Expo, as well as five important and important spirits for the new Lingang area, the Global Cross-Border Technology Trade Center and Offshore Incubation Base and the Shanghai Technology Exchange, co-sponsored by the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, Shanghai Newspaper Group, Shanghai Lingang Group and the Shanghai Technology Exchange, were inaugurated on the afternoon of December 24. The ceremony was held at the Shanghai Lingang Technology and Entrepreneurship Center.

Zhu Zhisong, Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Executive Deputy Director of the Lingang Management Committee, Lu Min, Chief Engineer of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and Qiu Xin, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Shanghai Newspaper Group, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Zhu Zhisong and Lu Min unveiled the plaque for the Global Cross-border Technology Trade Center. Also inaugurated were the technology transfer incubation base and the offshore incubation base of Shanghai Newspaper Intelligence Media.

Zhu Zhisong, Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Executive Deputy Director of the Lingang Management Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Government

Lu Min, Chief Engineer, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

Qiu Xin, Secretary of Party Committee and President of Shanghai Newspaper Group

Xie Jihua, President of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, explained the strategic vision of the global cross-border technology trade center. Recalling the development and opening up of Pudong in 1992, Mr. Xie said that today's Lingang is of strategic significance for Shanghai to build a science and technology center with global influence. He said that the construction of the Global Cross-border Technology Trade Center is a major initiative launched in accordance with the "four requirements" and "five important" of General Secretary Xi to Shanghai, and is a strategic arrangement to connect the two ports and two markets. The combination of capital will make Lingang a global hub for innovation resources, innovation capital and innovation culture.

The goal of the Global Cross-border Technology Trade Center is to build a world-class cross-border technology trade hub that integrates five major service centers: technology trade, R&D, enterprise, finance and talent. By integrating international resources such as the global technology transfer network, international stock exchange, international technology transfer organizations, famous universities and research institutions, international capital and other international resources, and integrating domestic technology transfer-related elements such as the Yangtze River Delta Collaborative Innovation Network, Shanghai Science and Technology Functional Platform, domestic famous scientific research institutes, domestic science and technology service organizations, domestic science and technology financial institutions, the Global Cross-border Technology Trade Center will be built into a technology trade, IP operation and IP management hub. It is a hub platform for five major functions: protection, technology financing, training and exchange, and R&D piloting.

01 Cross-border Trade Service Centre for Science and Technology

The Shanghai Technology Exchange will be established to build a cross-border technology trading system in line with international standards and provide integrated and comprehensive technology cross-border trading services such as technology value assessment, on-market listing and off-market matchmaking. Based on the technology needs of enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta, the market will make use of global resources to find solutions, provide precise matching of supply and demand, and promote technology trade. It will link the Shanghai Technology Exchange with various international exchanges, linking the domestic and foreign technology supply and demand sides, and breaking down foreign technology trade barriers under the protection of intellectual property rights.

02 Global R&D Incubation Service Center

To build transnational cooperative R&D bases, carry out technical R&D, testing, pilot and maturation services, support IP application and protection in the R&D process, realize international certification of IP rights, and share R&D; to provide technical services for onshore enterprises through international cooperative R&D projects, and realize local application or cross-domain use of the developed IP.

03 Cross-border Service Center for High-end Industrial Enterprises

To provide domestic policy, market and capital support services to overseas enterprises with cutting-edge technologies, to cooperate with the development of advantageous industries in the Yangtze River Delta, and to facilitate international enterprises to enter the domestic market quickly after being incubated in the new area. At the same time, it provides diversified investment funds, overseas policy and market consultation for high-end industrial technology enterprises in different stages of the Yangtze River Delta to benchmark against international advanced standards, helping enterprises to quickly meet the requirements for going abroad, and becoming the first choice for overseas enterprises to land in China and the bridgehead for domestic enterprises to enter the overseas market.

04 International Research and Talent Service Center

Provide opportunities for domestic and international talents to work together, and facilitate domestic research and technology transfer to the sea. Provide green channels for the processing of various types of documents for those already working in China, and help them understand the system, regulations and living culture.

Relying on the Shanghai Institute of Technology Transfer, we will build an international technology manager gathering and cultivation base, cultivate technology transfer talents that meet international requirements, and attract global high-end technology transfer talents and high-level professionals to gather.

05 Cross-border capital support service centre

Setting up a foreign exchange free fund pool to solve the problem of difficulties in exchanging foreign exchange for cross-border technology trade. It has set up a "Science and Technology Creation Board and International Listed Enterprise Cultivation Bank" to benchmark against Hong Kong and the United States, launched subsidized innovation credit to guide and support technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, launched intellectual property pledges and loans, piloted technology insurance, and launched technology guarantees by guarantee agencies to provide financing channels for cross-border pledges of intellectual property rights.

It is expected that in the near future, the Global Cross-border Technology Trade Center will attract a large number of domestic and foreign institutions related to technology transfer and technology trade to settle in Lingang, and provide foreign scientists, entrepreneurs and technology projects with a full chain of R & D support services. It has become an important channel for two markets and two resources, and an important engine for the implementation of national strategies such as the integrated and coordinated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the construction of free trade zones.

Project Signing Ceremony

Chen Qiwei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, General Manager and Vice President of Shanghai Newspaper Group, Li Yun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Jiefang Daily, Li Xiang, Deputy General Manager of the Group, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Xinhua Publishing Group, Weng Wei, Deputy Chief Economist of Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co. More than 100 leaders and enterprise representatives from the Management Committee, Shanghai Newspaper Group, Shanghai Xinhua Publishing Group, National Technology Transfer East Center, and Shanghai Lingang Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center attended the meeting.

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