History of Development

Event Timeline

Four major inventions were introduced to Europe in the 12th-15th centuries

In 1474, the Republic of Venice had the world's first patented invention.

In 1642, the United States enacted the Monopolies Act.
In 1910, the Qing government promulgated China's first copyright law, the Great Qing Copyright Law.
Promulgated in 1984 under the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China
In 1978, China's first technology business incubator was born.
First international technology transfer model institutions identified in 2008


History and Policy


Yunnan and Gansu branch centers will be established in 2015

2015 Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Vouchers (Technology Transfer Service Category) Establishment
2015 Eastern Center's first focused display at China (Shanghai) International Technology In and Out Fair

2015 Solidarity


In 2016, Shanghai Innovation Center Boston, Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park was established, and the UK branch center was established, and the road to globalization was officially launched

Official signing of the 2016 Jinan Transportation Industry Center

Appearing at SECI and IFT in 2016
Shanghai issues its first innovation voucher in 2016

2016 Innovation


Canada branch center officially opened in 2017, Singapore branch center established

In 2017, we reached a strategic cooperation with Fujian and Jiangsu; Hefei, Xinjiang, Yuhang and Dalian branch centers were officially signed.

The Eastern Center made its first official appearance as the only technology transfer service in 2017 at the Double Week event
London Tech Week 2018 hits China for the first time
First cross-regional technology transfer innovation voucher issued in Yangtze River Delta in 2018
France Branch Center, Kazakhstan Branch Center, India Branch Center Nordic Branch Center established in 2018
Nantong and Kunshan branch centers officially signed in 2018



In 2019, a branch center in the Netherlands (European headquarters) was established and an office in Tel Aviv, Shanghai Innovation Center (Israel), a branch center in Israel, was inaugurated. Under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission (SSTC), the "Shanghai International Channel Collaboration Platform", led by the Eastern Center, completed its trial run.

2019 Shaoxing, Zibo, Zunyi, Fenhu, Pinghu, Ningbo (Fenghua) branch center officially signed a contract

Yangpu Technology Market, Shanghai's first big technology market, unveiled in 2019
Global Technology Transfer Conference 2019 goes smoothly
2019 Attendance at the SSE, IFT, and Fair 2019

2019 Challenge


Framework agreements signed for China-Japan and China-US channel building

National Technology Transfer Eastern Center Yueqing and Fenhu Sub-Center Inaugurated
Jiangyin sub-center, Shaoxing sub-center, Dongying sub-center, Huzhou sub-center, Xuzhou sub-center, Taizhou sub-center, Wuhu sub-center signed

"The Integrated Platform of Dual Innovation Voucher Service of the Yangtze River Delta Dual Innovation Demonstration Base Alliance is Online
The Third First General Meeting and the First Council and Supervisory Board of Shanghai Technology Market Association were held
2020 Global Technology Transfer Conference held successfully
Exhibiting at the 3rd China International Import Expo
Deepening the construction of the Shanghai Institute of Technology Transfer

2020 Integrity




与德国斯泰恩拜斯(Steinbeis) 、EEN达成合作签约,成为APJIE新一轮的发展支持单位之一

2021 飞跃




荣获“第十一届中国技术市场协会金桥奖 突出贡献集体”称号

2022 发展


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