National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center

National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center is a national-level regional technology transfer platform jointly promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, directed by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and coordinated by the Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center. It was inaugurated on April 23, 2015 by Wan Gang, then Vice Chairman of the CPPCC and Minister of Science and Technology, and Zhou Bo, then Vice Mayor of Shanghai.

It is committed to providing a full chain of services including technology transaction, technology finance and industry incubation, and to building a fourth-party platform with platform, internationalization, marketization, capitalization and specialization, so as to create an innovation ecological system for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and help Shanghai build a "scientific and innovative center with global influence". ".


Operating subject

Shanghai Eastern Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Co., Ltd. is the main operating body of the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center. It will take Shanghai Bay Valley Science and Technology Park as a core, radiate two major technology transfer market channels, international and domestic, and form government guidance and platform company management at all levels , The three-tier operation structure of market-oriented enterprise operation, which brings together the collaborative forces of four major enterprise units to jointly promote the construction of the eastern center of national technology transfer.

National regional technology transfer platform

Provide technology transfer all elements, entire chain, global operation solutions.

One-stop Global Tech-transfer Solution Provider



Strategic landscape

Establish a market-oriented innovative system and mechanism, introduce capital power and professional services, accelerate the implementation process of technology transfer and achievement transformation, and create a "one body and two wings" strategic pattern of "technology transactions as the mainstay, services and finance as the supplement".

Technical Transaction Service

Market cultivation industry norms
Talent training platform operation

Technology trading platform

Transaction realization registration settlement
Member management is safe and transparent

Technology Financial Services

Policy guidance funds
Market-oriented industrial capital risk fund

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