Shanghai International Technology Mall

Shanghai International Technology Mall

Shanghai International Technology Mall platform is a comprehensive platform with technology supply, project resources, expert resources, policy support, demand services and other technology transfer transformation chain services, and is a functional service platform recognized by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, which is researched and developed by the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center.

Science and Technology Achievement Express

One-stop Service

Science and technology results database

Jointly organized by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the annual event focuses on different fields of science and technology, and promotes the industrialization of high-level scientific and technological achievements through a variety of forms of innovative achievement display and scientific and technological exchanges, such as financial and intellectual salons, direct results, overseas project release and resource collaboration.

Activity Core Concept

The event has built three innovative platforms for interaction and exchange, with the core concept of "building a platform for the precise connection between high-level scientific and technological achievements and high-quality scientific and technological enterprises, and promoting the transformation of R&D achievements and scientific research capabilities in local areas".

Financial Intelligence Exchange Platform

The platform is designed to draw wisdom from experts, publicize innovation policies and listen to the voices of industry; the Direct Results Platform is designed to screen better quality scientific and technological achievements for on-site roadshows, inviting industry, investment and service organizations to actively participate; the Resource Collaboration Platform invites international and Yangtze River Delta technology holders, entrepreneurs and service organizations to fully exchange with each other.

Shanghai International Technology Mall

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