Regional technology markets

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council have issued the Outline of the Plan for the Integrated Development of the Yangtze River Delta Region, and issued a circular requesting all regions and departments to conscientiously implement it in the light of actual practice.

Relying on its strong technology service resource integration capability, it helps regional governments build a networked technology market service system, build an online and offline interoperability platform, and extend the reach of technology services downward and outward. "Network + platform, finance + incubation, demand + service, supply + market, policy + innovation, talent + cultivation," the all-round science and technology elements of the operating mode, to promote and help enterprises continue to realize internal and external technological innovation. By 2020, the construction and operation of the technology market has been carried out in Yangpu, Baoshan, Jing'an, Fenhu and other places, and has achieved excellent results.

Our Effectiveness

Up to now, it has conducted 5 seminars for enterprises, delivered lectures to 278 enterprises on the policies of science and technology market, visited 103 enterprises, provided door-to-door services for more than 180 hours, and 69 enterprises have put forward their demands and excavated a total of 138 demands. It has formulated "Science and Technology Achievement Bank Specification 1.0", and has recorded 733 achievements, visited 50 scientific research teams, excavated 119 domestic projects and introduced 14 international projects.

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Field visits to enterprises

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Tapping into various needs

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Introduction of international projects


Baoshan Technology Market

Around the Baoshan District "International Cruise City", "intelligent city of wisdom" twin-city strategy, through government guidance, market allocation, model innovation, policy support, service integration "five measures in parallel. ", to build a trading platform for scientific and technological achievements with the ability to capitalize and operate results and provide technology trading services.


Jing'an Technology Market

Based on the needs of Jing'an District to build a "digital economy innovation center" service system of "IOT, IOT, and IZL" trinity, it imports rich overseas resources to build a domestic and overseas digital economy technology achievement trading, exhibition, supply and demand docking, resource convergence, policy services. Platforms and windows.


Yangpu Science and Technology Market

Based on the characteristics of Yangpu District's numerous universities and research institutes and rich reserve resources of scientific and technological achievements, the company builds an achievement hosting platform for universities and research institutes in Yangpu District in the mode of "IT + tools" and facilitates the landing of scientific and technological achievements in the mode of "finance + transaction". The "demand + service" model to accelerate the development of technology enterprises in Yangpu District.

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