Xie Jihua: Looking Up to Entrepreneurs


▪Reporter Zhang Jun

Group after group of young people came in on bicycles and drove away in BMWs.

Staying in place is Yangpu Technology and Entrepreneurship Center, an incubator, as well as general manager Xie Jihua and his team. "When they ride a bicycle, do not treat them with a giver's attitude, they come with longing, is the positive energy of society; they drive a BMW away, do not envy them, they pay the hardship, far beyond what you can imagine." Xie Jihua has always said to the staff, to "look up to the entrepreneurs".

Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center (YTEC) is the only center in Yangpu that has been able to provide financing for enterprises. From the original 6,000-square-meter old factory building, the total assets of Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center has grown to 3 billion RMB, serving nearly 1,600 enterprises and increasing the total amount of financing from 80 million RMB in 2008 to 1.5 billion RMB in 2014.

"Incubating" ideals

Incubators were first introduced to China in 1987 as part of the venture capital industry chain. When many incubators in China were still at the stage of "collecting rent", Yang Chuang was the first to propose a "business mentor service program" in the country. "Very often, entrepreneurs are passionate, but they don't know exactly what they want to do," Xie Jihua said. Xie Jihua said. "We invite successful entrepreneurs to serve as business mentors, but entrepreneurs have limited resources and can't be the 'standard' for incubated companies. None of the incubator staff have started a business, and it is impossible for them to present themselves as 'mentors' to the entrepreneurs, and they need to improve their skills."

Jihua Xie has served as a mentor to many entrepreneurs. With his experience in the industry, JIHUA XIE is good at "nudging" entrepreneurs at the right time. Zhang Yuangang, who graduated from Shanghai Institute of Technology, was the first to start a business in the field of computer software development. Xie Jihua asked him: "After selling the developed software, what's next? Where is the profit model? You need to figure out how to get clients to dump you."

The turnaround occurred in 2010. Biyun community to build a smart community project, take this project or not, Zhang Yuan just asked for "master" Xie Jihua's opinion. Xie Jihua to his analysis, "the Internet of things has just emerged, the future development trend is immeasurable, and this project allows you to do from the software transition to do service supply, Bi Yun is your opportunity to learn, is to do at a loss." After accepting Biyun's smart community project, Zhang Yuan Gang made a big splash, "waiting at home", community e-commerce and other livelihood services were welcomed.

It's not easy to start a business.

Xie Jihua said that starting a business is not easy. This is also his personal feelings. In 1994, Xie Jihua left the work of the municipal party committee for 11 years and went to the Shanghai Science and Technology Investment Company. In the Municipal Youth League Committee, he was a minister, but he was only an ordinary employee in the Science and Technology Investment Corporation, starting from zero.

At Keitu, Xie Jihua keeps "a step up every year," and at one point he was general manager of five subsidiaries of all types, from real estate and property to development companies. "Even though I only got one salary, I had four more learning opportunities than anyone else."

Around 2001, Xie Jihua and the incubator crossed paths. When Yangchuang was established, the three shareholders, namely, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Fudan University and Yangpu District Government, invested a total of 2.64 million yuan, and all the assets were only an old 6000-square-meter candy factory building. What attracted Xie Jihua to leave his old company and join Yangchuang even though he had to give back a year's prize money? "Yangpu District is the 'university district' of Shanghai, concentrating 40% of the city's university resources, with obvious potential spillover effects from research results, and is one of the first innovative model cities in the country. The entrepreneurship-led employment rate here is much higher than the national average." Xie Jihua said it was this geographical advantage that gave birth to the Yangpu Hi-Tech Entrepreneurial Service Center. On numerous occasions later, Xie Jihua spoke proudly of how "the linkage of university campuses, science and technology parks, and public communities is an important path for the transformation of Yangpu, and incubators are considered the earliest practitioners of the 'Three Districts Linkage' idea."

Innovation "incubation"

"Completely rely on the government blood transfusion, we hold the rice bowl, and do things like the authorities, must not be the way out of business incubation." In the beginning of 2005, Yangpu Hi-Tech Entrepreneurial Service Center and Yangpu Incubation Base of Shanghai Hi-Tech Enterprises, which are public institutions, were reorganized into the current Yangchuang, which abolished the original business establishment and implemented the labor contract system from the general manager to the employees.
In 2007, Xie Jihua proposed to build an incubator group, which formed a series of business subsidiaries and professional service companies with different functions, such as microfinance companies, investment companies, business companies, property companies, and professional incubators for Internet of Things and cloud computing.

After that, Yangchuang started to build "business nursery" and "accelerator" to extend the chain of business service and form an incubator cluster. In the nursery, all that is needed is a "decent idea". After entering the project, office, utilities and other expenses are provided by public services, completely "zero-cost", cultivation period of six months, promising on "upgrade".

In the field of incubators, Yangchuang has become synonymous with "innovation", as commented by some people. The first microfinance company with an incubator as the main sponsor; the first business incubator in China with loan and investment functions; the establishment of an innovative service system with "business nursery - incubator - accelerator" as the core... ...

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