Knowledge-driven innovation, talent to support the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta

In order to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, further implement the Outline of the Regional Integration Development Plan of the Yangtze River Delta, implement the relevant work requirements of the Yangtze River Delta region to build a science and technology community, and promote the construction of talent ladders in Wuhu region in professional fields such as transformation of scientific and technological achievements, technology transfer and science and technology finance, the 2019 Wuhu City Technical Manager Training Course was successfully conducted on December 13 in Wuhu City, with a total of 130 More than 10 people from science and technology intermediaries in Wuhu, and related personnel from science and technology departments participated.

The training was sponsored by Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and Wuhu Industrial Innovation Center, and undertaken by Shanghai Technology Transaction Service Center, East National Technology Transfer Center and Anhui Institute of Information Engineering. Mr. Hu Xinghong, Deputy Director of Wuhu Industrial Innovation Center and Mr. Wang Han, Director of Results Service Department of Eastern National Technology Transfer Center participated in the training and made a speech.

The training centered on the two major functions of technology manager management and operation, and was carried out in four modules, including the overview of transfer of scientific and technological achievements, the practical operation of transfer of scientific and technological achievements, the construction of technological innovation and international technology transfer ecological system, and the protection of intellectual property rights in the transfer of scientific and technological achievements. The former president of Shanghai Academy of Sciences, Sun Zhengxin, the person in charge of the commercialization of technological achievements of Suzhou Institute of Advanced Studies of Oxford University, Chen Junguo, the director of Shanghai International Technology Market, Li Neng, and the intellectual property project consultant of Shanghai Minhang District Intellectual Property Association, Yang Yinhuan were invited to participate in the lectures. The training aims to further strengthen the construction of talent team for the transfer of scientific and technological achievements in Wuhu City, and promote the development of technology transfer service agencies towards the direction of high-end, professionalization and marketization.

This training was highly affirmed by Wuhu Industrial Innovation Center, and National Technology Transfer East Center will also take this training as an opportunity and continue to link up with Wuhu Industrial Innovation Center to provide talent guarantee for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Wuhu, strongly support the development of scientific and technological service industry, at the same time drive the flow of technology transfer resources, and work together for the scientific and technological innovation and technology transfer in Wuhu. Working together for development.

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