The First Yangtze River Delta Blockchain Application Innovation Competition was grandly held

The first Yangtze River Delta Blockchain Application Innovation Competition was held in the International Conference Hall of Shanghai Science Hall on June 21. The competition was organized by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Yangpu District People's Government, under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Yangpu District Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association, Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, Shanghai Computer Software Technological Development Center, Shanghai Blockchain Technology Innovation and Industrialization Base, Shanghai Blockchain Technology Innovation and Industrialization Base, and Shanghai Blockchain Technology Innovation Center. The China (Shanghai) Blockchain Industry Innovation Summit series of activities undertaken by Shanghai Unity Element Technology Co.

The competition focuses on science and technology innovation in the Yangtze River Delta, and focuses on the integration of blockchain technology and industrial applications. The innovative application competition will identify demonstration projects based on blockchain technology that can truly empower the real economy and provide pilot materials and practical cases for the formulation of the Yangtze River Delta integrated development plan.

In his speech, Ma Xingfa, Secretary of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Science and Technology Association, pointed out that the first Yangtze River Delta Blockchain Competition was held precisely to attract more talents into the blockchain industry, so that more application scenarios can be combined with blockchain technology to promote the application and sustainable development of the real economy. Since its inception, the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association has played an important role in developing group standards, deepening talent training, base incubation functions, and building community ecology. In the future, SSTA will give full play to the advantages of abundant resources, experts and talents, and a sound platform network, and work hand in hand with the association to move forward together, actively promote the cross-border integration of disciplines and industries at a higher level and on a larger scale, and make positive contributions to the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.

In his speech, Ding Huanhuan, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Yangpu District Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Yangpu District, stressed that the competition has not only made gains in the promotion of blockchain applications, but has also achieved real results in the development of base investment, regional connectivity, and integration of industry, academia and research. Yangpu District, as the only national innovative pilot city in Shanghai and the first batch of national demonstration bases for dual innovation, has been at the forefront in supporting and promoting the development of new industries. Next, with the strong support of municipal departments, Yangpu District will continue to lead with the goal of empowering the real economy with blockchain technology, actively build a dual-venture support platform for the application of blockchain technology, vigorously promote the innovative clustering and development of all kinds of blockchain enterprises, and gradually establish and improve the blockchain industrial ecology. Continue to strengthen the construction of the "Shanghai Blockchain Technology Innovation and Industrialization Base", in accordance with the "base + fund" model, in the direction of "autonomous and controllable, healthy and orderly, safe and viable, application innovation". "The four areas are healthy.

The competition brought together 98 blockchain application projects from the Yangtze River Delta and nationwide to apply for the competition, and a judging committee composed of think tank experts from the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association and professors and experts from Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shanghai Computer Software Center evaluated 10 enterprise projects into the finals through sea and preliminary selection. On the final day, the 10 shortlisted projects were selected through the pre-event lottery, project roadshow, questions from experts, defense scoring and other competition processes to win one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and other awards. The winning project teams signed a letter of intent for investment and cooperation with financial institution investors and listed company scene parties.

The list of winners is as follows.

Best Team Award.

Shanghai Heard the Internet Technology Co.

Best Potential Award.

Shanghai Didon Information Technology Co.

Best Idea Award.

Beijing Zhongxiangbit Shanghai Branch

Third Prize.

Beijing Zhongxiangbit Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Akeert Technology Co.

Second Prize.

Shanghai CITIC Information Development Company Limited, Baixiang Network Technology Co.

First Prize.

Shanghai Didon Information Technology Co.

All the 98 enterprises and team projects registered for the event will be entered into the project library of the Shanghai Blockchain Industry Fund, and all will have the opportunity to receive attention and support from the industry fund in the future. During the event, blockchain associations in the Yangtze River Delta region concluded a strategic cooperation alliance, laying a solid foundation for comprehensively deepening the promotion of innovation in the application of blockchain in the Yangtze River Delta.

When you drive past the Bay Valley Technology Park, from a distance, you can see an eye-catching sign from an elevated position - Shanghai Blockchain Base, and four enterprises signed an agreement with the Blockchain Innovation Base during the event, and the industrialization aggregation effect of the Blockchain Base will become more and more significant. The event also launched the release ceremony of the blockchain group standard, respectively, the "blockchain enterprise identification method", "blockchain underlying technology general standard", "blockchain technology application guide", "blockchain technology and application of talent evaluation specification"; Xie Jihua, President of the National Technology Transfer East Center and Chairman of the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association, issued appointment letters to the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association's new experts.

The organizers said that they hope that through this competition, in the field of blockchain in science and technology innovation, to bring together talents and companies in the field of blockchain from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, and even the country and the world, relying on the Yangtze River Delta's blockchain association alliance to integrate blockchain bases, think tanks, accelerators, incubators and industry funds. The whole supporting measures, can help the Yangtze River Delta blockchain startups better and faster growth.

This competition is the first shot of the 2019 Shanghai Blockchain Application Innovation Series. The outstanding projects of this competition will be released in the form of a showcase of achievements at the China (Shanghai) Blockchain Industry Innovation Summit in September, and we hope that more outstanding teams and projects from across the country and the world will come into the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Innovation and Industrialization Base, and we look forward to seeing you at the September Summit!

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