Full activation! The Innovation Challenge is officially launched

The 4th China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the 2nd Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge were officially launched yesterday at the Pujiang Innovation Forum Industry Forum 1 - Global Technology Transfer Conference by the Ministry of Science and Technology, three provincial science and technology departments, the Minhang District Government, the Municipal Science and Technology Committee and 12 district science and technology committees.

During the nine-month competition period last year, the organizing committee collected 1259 innovative demands from Yangtze River Delta enterprises (Baowu Group, Discovery Park, Electric Soul Network Technology, Chenglian Intelligent Transportation, Dongfulong, Xinmin Forge, Edenberg Elevator, Hello Bicycle, Nanjing Bilan Technology, AUG Canada, EWTCOI Singapore, etc.). The company organized 84 docking activities of various demands, generated 622 docking records, reached 185 intent contracts, and finally produced nearly ten awards such as Yangtze River Delta Fusion Award / Excellent Innovation Demand Award TOP10 / Excellent Challenger Award TOP10 / On-site Competition Winner Challenger Award / Excellent Service Provider Award, providing a total of 1 million yuan in prize money for the winners.

This year, the competition will open three main arenas, which are the Big Enterprise Innovation Special Session (participating enterprises include Baowu Group, Tunnels, Shentong Metro, Construction Group, etc.); the Industry Sector Special Session, which covers intelligent software, achievement transformation demonstration zone, data intelligence blockchain special session, new materials and agriculture, Internet of Things, Laozi, medical, mechanical special session, artificial intelligence, innovative methods, new materials, artificial intelligence; overseas Innovation Sessions, including a session on vivatech in France, a session on global cleantech in Singapore, and a session on Korean companies.

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