The Second "Belt and Road" China (Xinjiang) Transport Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance Solutions Summit Forum was successfully held

On May 10, the Second "Belt and Road" China (Xinjiang) Transportation Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance Solutions Summit Forum was successfully held in Urumqi, Xinjiang. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Vice Chairman of the People's Government of Zhao Chong long, Honorary President of the China Technology Market Association, former Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yang Bo Ling, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Deputy Director of the Department of Transport Ding Yan Xin, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Transportation Li Bin, Zhongguancun in the highway maintenance industry technology innovation alliance chairman Zhao Yandong and other leaders attended the meeting. National Technology Transfer East Center CEO Yan Mingfeng, Director of the Xinjiang Office Zhang Huicheng, President Office of the Permanent Secretary and Head of the Department of Cooperation and Training Zhu Ye was invited to attend the meeting.

The Summit Forum is the China Technology Market Association Transport Committee and Zhongguancun Zhongke Road Maintenance Industry Technological Innovation Alliance Western Region Union, following the success of the first session held during the Asia-Europe Expo last year, co-hosted again. Summit Forum to "wisdom - green - circular - economic" as the theme, focusing on the "Belt and Road" transport infrastructure construction and maintenance, focusing on industry hot spots, difficulties, providing innovative solutions to accelerate the "Belt and Road "It is of great significance to promote the application and dissemination of new technologies, techniques, materials and equipment in the transport infrastructure along the route, so as to promote the continuous progress of the construction of the Belt and Road in the direction of high-quality development."

With more and more scientific and technological innovation, the transfer and transformation of China's scientific and technological achievements has become increasingly effective, the scale and quality of technology transactions have increased significantly, and the development of the technology market has gradually moved from the stage of technology commercialization to a period of technology capitalization and industrialization. Under the environment of China's accelerated construction and improvement of the socialist market economy, a technology transfer system with a more rational structure, better functions, more sound system and more efficient and smooth operation is to be formed in 2025.

At the meeting, the East National Technology Transfer Center also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the transportation science and technology innovation institutions, respectively, Zhongguancun Zhongke Road Maintenance Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, Xinjiang Transportation Construction Group Co. Ltd. and Xinjiang Chuangfusi New Building Material Technology Co. Ltd. Hope that the cooperation between the two sides will be like the source of vitality and flow, and will blossom into a colorful flower of development for the "Belt and Road".

Mr. Yan Mingfeng, CEO of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center (ENTTC), made a keynote speech on "Exploring the Transformation of Technology Transfer Achievements and Its Innovative Model for Belt and Road Development", sharing with the audience the history of ENTTC's development, platform and system construction, as well as the progress and effectiveness of ENTTC in the Belt and Road.

At the end of the conference, the Executive Committee of the 2nd "Belt and Road" China (Xinjiang) Transportation Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance Solutions Summit Forum reviewed and submitted to the Organizing Committee of the conference for approval. A total of 39 2018 award-winning units and individuals were produced. Among them, 5 individuals with outstanding contribution awards, 10 advanced individual awards, 5 units with outstanding contribution awards and 19 advanced unit awards.

Among them, Xie Jihua, President of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, won the Individual Award for Outstanding Contribution and the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center office in Xinjiang won the Advanced Unit Award.

The forum grasped the development experience, aimed at the major needs of transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance, and adhered to the concept of integration and innovation, strengthening multi-disciplinary and multi-domain exchanges, stimulating innovation in the exchange of sparks, in cooperation to achieve technological breakthroughs, the National Center for Technology Transfer East will continue to focus on the "Belt and Road" to share scientific and technological progress and development. The new results.

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