"Judicial Decision on Conflict of Rights between Registered Trademark and Enterprise Name" Lecture Successfully Held

On the afternoon of April 18, 2019, the theme lecture on "Judicial Determination of Conflict of Rights between Registered Trademarks and Enterprise Names", co-organized by Shanghai Yangpu District People's Court, Shanghai Intellectual Property Park, Chuanyouhui Intellectual Property Special Committee and Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, was successfully held in the conference hall of Bay Valley Technology Park. The lecture was successfully held in the conference hall of Bay Valley Science Park.

With the rapid development of China's economic market, brands and enterprise names have become an important way for consumers to identify products. At the same time, disputes over the rights between registered trademarks and enterprise names have also emerged. Such disputes involve factors such as the historical origin of the proprietor, the reputation of the registered trademark, and the subjective malice of the user, which are particularly important for the court's judicial decision in the trial practice. Judge Xu Tingzhi from Yangpu District Court Intellectual Property Division analyzed and explained the cases from the perspective of court practice and shared the solutions to the conflicts in such cases and suggestions for enterprises' self-protection, taking the well-known cases such as Qingfeng Bakery trademark case and Wu Liang Cai trademark dispute as examples. After the meeting, a number of enterprises with their own trademark dispute issues with Judge Xu Tingzi for in-depth communication.

This keynote lecture popularized the experience of how to reasonably use, protect and prevent trademark and enterprise name infringement for enterprises, which will help to solidify the future development path of enterprise's own brand building.

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