Yangtze River Delta Integration - Shaoxing (Shanghai) Cooperation Seminar and Signing Ceremony of Shaoxing Sub-center of Eastern National Technology Transfer Center Successfully Held

On the afternoon of January 19, the Yangtze River Delta integration - Shaoxing (Shanghai) cooperation promotion event was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center. Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Weiguang made a keynote speech, director of the Shanghai Municipal Government Office of cooperation and exchange of Yao Hai, academician Jin Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other guests on behalf of the speech, Deputy Secretary of the Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Sheng Yuchun presided over, Shaoxing Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Tan Zhigui, CPPCC Chairman Wei Wei attended the event, the National Technology Transfer Center East Executive Vice President Zou Shujun was invited to participate in this cooperation promotion. At the same time, more than 500 participants in the event in Shanghai academicians, experts, celebrities, Shaoxing villagers gathered to discuss the integration of development plans, a total of high-quality development of the industry.

Ma Weiguang in the keynote speech introduced Shaoxing's economic and social development, as well as integration into the Yangtze River Delta integrated development of national strategies for ideas and initiatives. He said, Shaoxing and Shanghai's connection has never been as close as today, facing opportunities never as rare as today, the prospects for cooperation has never been as broad as today, Shaoxing is determined to "integrate into the Yangtze River Delta, big Shanghai, embrace the Bay Area, the development of big Shaoxing" strategic ideas, accelerate the promotion of industrial organic renewal, focus on building Shanghai-made It will also speed up the integration and fission of the city, and strive to integrate into the pattern of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo "one city in one body"; speed up cultural heritage and innovation, and strive to build the most identifiable city in the Yangtze River Delta; speed up the upgrading of the whole ecological area, and strive to build Shanghai's backyard; speed up the benchmarking and upgrading of the business environment, and strive to build a " Shanghai service" of the expansion area. Shaoxing sincerely welcome the majority of enterprises and friends from all walks of life to the local tourism, investment and entrepreneurship, and promote the cooperation and exchanges between Shaoxing and Shanghai to a new level, for the Yangtze River Delta integrated development of national strategy for the full implementation of the new and greater contribution.

The event, Shaoxing City Government and the National Technology Transfer East Center signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build the National Technology Transfer East Center Shaoxing sub-center, Shaoxing sub-center as the East Center in the Yangtze River Delta integration in the construction of a new layout to Shaoxing as the ground to anchor the Bay Area advanced manufacturing base construction, and Shaoxing's existing industrial clusters to do docking, in order to accelerate regional technology transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In order to promote the industrial upgrading and development of related enterprises in the region, technology transfer will be used to link the scientific and technological resources of Shanghai and Shaoxing, promote the interaction of innovation factors between the two places, and drive the industrial upgrading and development of related enterprises in the region.


Shaoxing Presents.

Shaoxing is the country's first batch of economic open counties (cities), Shaoxing's total GDP reached 510.8 billion yuan in 2017, ranking fourth in Zhejiang Province, per capita GDP exceeded the 100,000 yuan mark, the total annual fiscal revenue of 70.6 billion yuan. Urban residents per capita disposable income of 54,445 yuan, rural residents per capita disposable income of 30331 yuan, at present, Shaoxing has 73 listed enterprises, 20 enterprises shortlisted in 2017 China's top 500 private enterprises, accounting for nearly 1/5 of Zhejiang Province, ranked 34th in the country's top 100 cities, 3rd in Zhejiang Province.

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