Global Technology Transfer Conference in Pujiang, China

SHANGHAI, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- The 2018 Pujiang Innovation Forum on Science and Technology Services - Global Technology Transfer Conference was successfully held. The conference focused on the "Global Technology Transfer Conference", and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on topics such as the assessment of scientific and technological achievements, technology value assessment, response to intellectual property issues, and exploration of technology transfer innovation practices in universities and institutes around the world. Yang Xianwu, deputy director of the Department of Transformation of Achievements and Regional Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that in recent years, the country has paid full attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and in the process of improving the technology transfer system environment in line with the development of Chinese science and technology innovation, it is necessary to accelerate the training of a number of interdisciplinary, high-quality composite talents who can adapt to technology transfer. Luo Dajin, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said that with the development of science and technology service industry, the role of technology transfer agencies as a bridge between supply and demand for high-quality science and technology achievements has emerged, Shanghai will also cultivate the market of service agencies, so that they can "grow up". "Gather up", "use" and "specialize". Notably, as the importance of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements becomes more prominent, the Hurun Report also focuses on technology transfer organizations for the first time, releasing the 2018 Hurun Shanghai Technology Service Organization List. In addition, the technology transfer conference invited scholars and experts from Germany, the UK, Canada, Israel and other domestic and overseas academia as well as industry to deliver keynote speeches, Trevor J. McMillan, President of Keele University in the UK, in "University Innovation and its Role in Regional Economic Development", spoke about the creation of excellence in the ecosystem is particularly important, focusing on research and development institutions, the development of cultivating Specialized institutions of practice are necessary for academic innovation around the world. According to David Faraggi, former president of the University of Haifa, research institutions need to have their own independent technology transfer centers, and fault tolerance is extremely important for the innovation environment. The French branch of the National Technology Transfer Center East (NTME) was inaugurated in order to do a better job of connecting the various aspects of technology transfer, exploring an efficient mode of technology transfer and transformation, strengthening the construction of global technology transfer channels and exploring ways of landing transnational technology projects, and to explore the feasibility of technology transfer cooperation through focused dialogue and exchange, as well as to discuss the situation and development of technology transfer in each country. In-depth communication and understanding, integration and combing of existing resources, to complement each other's strengths and find win-win opportunities.

(Article source: Xinhua)

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