The scale of technology service industry in Shencheng exceeded trillions of dollars, Hurun released the first list of Shanghai technology service institutions

Liberation Day(Reporter Xu Ruizhe) Yesterday, in the Pujiang Innovation Forum - Technology Services Forum - Global Technology Transfer Conference, Hurun Research Institute for the first time released the "2018 Hurun Shanghai Technology Services Institutions List", 15 institutions were awarded the "Leading Five" and "Global Technology Transfer Conference". "Emerging Top 10", while 10 Shanghai technology services technology managers were awarded "Top 10". Universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, East China University of Science and Technology and Shanghai Institute of Technology were the winners.

The list is compiled on the basis of data from the four dimensions of the number and amount of technology transfer projects, industry influence, financial status and characteristic cases, and also focuses on the team composition and talent ratio of institutions and enterprises. According to the list, Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Institute of Advanced Industrial Technology and Shengzhihua Intellectual Property Services, which are derived from universities and research institutes, are among the "Top 5 Institutional Leaders"; the Huali National Technology Transfer Center and Shanghai Polytechnic University's National Technology Transfer Center, which appear in the "Top 10 Emerging Institutions" list, are among the "Top 10 Institutions". Technology transfer centres also come from universities.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Commission related official revealed that the scale of Shencheng's science and technology service industry, including research and development services, professional technology services, information services, etc., had exceeded 1 trillion yuan last year, an increase of about 11.6%. "But many science and technology service organizations are still stuck in general information collection and transmission, lacking the ability to professionally empower the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. " He said that it is crucial to effectively connect Shanghai's R&D advantages with industrial advantages and enhance the development level of technology service segments such as technology transfer services.

(Source: Liberation Daily)

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