Closed-door meeting on "Trends in the internationalization of global technology transfer" was successfully held

As an important part of the Global Technology Transfer Conference, a closed-door conference on "Internationalization Trends of Global Technology Transfer" was held on October 31 at the Condé Nast Hotel in Hongqiao, Shanghai, hosted by the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center. The conference focused on "Intellectual Property Rights and Related Laws in International Technology Transfer", "Common Rules for Technology Evaluation in International Technology Transfer", "Practice of Universities and Enterprises in International Technology Transfer", "Technology Transfer in the Global Economy", and "Technology Transfer in the Global Economy". "These three topics are explored by experts from leading national and international companies, technology transfer offices, universities, and institutions.

The meeting was chaired by Sun Zhengxin, former President of the Shanghai Academy of Sciences, and attended by Yan Mingfeng, CEO of the National Center for Technology Transfer East, Zou Shujun, Executive Vice President, and Li Li, CTO. The conference was attended by national and international experts including Trevor J. McMillan, Chancellor of Keele University, UK; David Faraggi, Vice Chancellor of the University of Waterloo; Dr. Bernard Duncker, former Chancellor of the University of Haifa; Daniel Marti, Global Head of Government Affairs, RELX; and Mr. Li Li, CEO of the National Center for Technology Transfer East, Hamburg, Germany. Zhang Jianwei, Academician, Academy of Sciences; Xiao Ling, Chief Technology Transfer Officer and Director of Asia, University of Waterloo; Huang Liang, Dean of Enterprise Development Institute, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Wang Yan, Director of Technology Transfer Center, Tsinghua University; Fan Jie, Former Vice President of Shanghai Institute of Industrial Automation Instrumentation; Wu Shouren, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Institute of Family Planning Science; Yang Yaowu, Director of Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Policy; Shanghai Kee Hong New Materials Technology Co. Mr. Li Congwu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Xu Rong, CEO of Yumo Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Mr. Huang Jie, Deputy General Manager of Science and Information Department of Shanghai Huayi Group Co.

At the conference, the experts discussed the ownership of patents in each country, the roles played by various parties in the process of technology transfer, how to screen out valuable patents and how to formulate policies adapted to national conditions. Regarding the suggestions for China's development of technology transfer in Shanghai, Trevor J. McMillan, President of Keele University, said that to do a good job of technology transfer, it is necessary to find the common motivation of all parties involved in technology transfer and to carry out closer cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes; Huang Liang, Dean of Enterprise Development Institute of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, suggested shaping a good PPP system and redefining the values of technology transfer. Daniel Marti, global head of government affairs at RELX, hoped that China would incorporate more big data concepts when doing technology transfer; Xiao Ling, chief technology transfer officer and Asia director at the University of Waterloo, mentioned that talent development is the key to good technology transfer. In addition, other experts also put forward a lot of valuable suggestions, including investment in technology transfer centers, better protection of intellectual property rights, and creating a better environment for technology transfer, among which the key is to strengthen and support the development of technology transfer service institutions.

At the conference, experts from enterprises, technology transfer centers, universities and institutions put forward a lot of valuable opinions and suggestions from their own fields of expertise, which is very inspiring to workers engaged in technology transfer.





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