500 innovation needs of Yangtze River Delta companies released to the world! The hero invitation is waiting for you!

"This matchmaking platform for the innovation needs of companies built by government departments is open to the world, so naturally we couldn't miss it."

"A wastewater treatment company called for a need for integrated equipment for smelly black water bodies, and just sent it out to be picked up by a company!" Xu Rong, founder of Yumo Enterprise Management Consulting, excitedly told Jiefang Daily - Shangguan News. As a technology intermediary, the company has collected a lot of demand from environmental protection enterprises and participated in the third China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the first Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge.

Jiefang Daily - Shangguan News has learned from the global launch of the third China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the first Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge this afternoon that 500 quality requirements are now open for solutions worldwide.

The Challenge is guided by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, co-sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and hosted by the Minhang District People's Government of Shanghai Municipality, which combines the "R&D crowdsourcing" model of the China Innovation Challenge with the Yangtze River Delta science and technology innovation collaboration. A brand new attempt to build an open platform to raise and address needs.

Since the launch of the competition in April, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, together with the science and technology departments of three provinces, has formulated policies and actively carried out publicity, training and company visits. The Shanghai Municipal Government has widely mobilized districts, industrial zones, parks and incubators to explore the innovation needs of enterprises, and has organized eight "Innovation Challenge Special Training Sessions". As a national demonstration zone for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, Shanghai Minhang has mobilized social service agencies to carry out in-depth research and excavation of enterprises' needs in a comprehensive manner.

Among the 500 quality demands, 130 items are from Shanghai, 100 items are from Zhejiang, 132 items are from Jiangsu and 145 items are from Anhui. In November, each province and city will carry out on-site competitions according to their own characteristics to strengthen the docking of industry technology needs in specific fields.

The challenge focused on a useful experiment in open innovation for large enterprises, with the Baowu Group holding a special competition for large enterprises. "We used to have monthly industrial resource docking sessions, such as 'volatile organic compound emission monitoring' technology provided by the InnoBusiness, which enabled us to improve our energy conservation and environmental efficiency." Baowu Group Shanghai Wusongkou Innovation Park incubator general manager Hu Yi said, precisely tasted the sweetness of docking enterprise demand, this time by the government sector built by the enterprise innovation demand docking platform for the global, naturally can not miss. It is revealed that the Baowu public research platform will be officially launched at the end of October this year, and in the future will release high-end technology needs closely related to the group's long-term development.

Taking the Challenge as an opportunity, Shanghai has shared nearly 30 international technology transfer channels and international creative spaces with the Yangtze River Delta, attracting high-quality overseas results to the Yangtze River Delta. In Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, and Deqing, Zhejiang Province, a common exchange mechanism for Yangtze River Delta technology innovation vouchers in the area of technology transfer services is being explored.

Column Editor-in-Chief: Huang Haihua

Text Editor:Huang Haihua

Image courtesy of Visual China

Photo Editor: Su Wei

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