Supply and Demand Matching in Industrial Field--Demand Matching Activity for Enterprises in New Material Field Successfully Held

       On the afternoon of September 17, the demand matching activity in the field of new materials was successfully held in Shanghai Huayi Group Technology Research Institute. This activity is the fourth activity in the series of demand matching activities of the 3rd China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the 1st Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge, guided by Minhang District Science and Technology Innovation Service Center, East National Technology Transfer Center, hosted by Shanghai Nasa Composite Material Technology Co. The activity aims to focus on the new materials industry, build a platform for cooperation between industry, academia and research, solve technical problems of enterprises, reduce the cost of research and development, promote enterprise development, and serve the regional industrial transformation and upgrading. More than 10 enterprises in need, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Donghua University, Hunan University of Technology, Shanghai Huayi Group Technology Research Institute, and relevant experts from the Institute of Materials Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo, attended the event.
The event consisted of five sections, including introduction of the new material session of the Challenge, keynote speech, enterprise demand release, new material project promotion, and supply and demand matching. The representatives of the demand companies in the field of new materials of the Challenge, Shanghai Shifang Ecological Gardening Company, Shanghai Chengshuo Industry & Trade Company Limited and Shanghai Hongrui Biotechnology Co. The experts from universities and institutes docked with the demand enterprises around the latest progress of their research in the field of new materials, and at the same time introduced to the enterprises related scientific research achievements such as thermal conductive resin, composite material toughening technology, recycling and reuse technology of composite materials. For example, for many years, Shanghai Shifang Ecological Gardening Co., Ltd. has undertaken a number of key environmental restoration work nationwide, and had in-depth communication with a number of industry experts to further enhance the company's river ecological restoration and management capabilities, and reached a consensus. After the meeting, relevant scientific and technological service agencies will further follow up the progress of cooperation among universities, institutes and enterprises to help enterprises in need to obtain the best solutions.

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