Guangdong Productivity Center exchange delegation to visit the research and study


       On September 11, leaders of Guangdong Productivity Center led a delegation of Guangdong Science and Technology Achievement Transfer and Transformation Exchange to our center. The delegation was warmly received by Mr. Lu Jijun, President Assistant of Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, Mr. Zhu Ye, Director of Cooperation & Training Center, and other departmental colleagues. First of all, Mr. Lu welcomed the delegation, and then gave a detailed introduction on the development history, business structure, functional platform, multi-level and multi-gradient technology transfer system, and future development plan of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center. Director Zhu Ye introduced the current layout, construction mode and business development of the domestic channels of the Eastern Center, as well as the training business of Shanghai Technology Transfer Institute and talent training base. The two sides had an in-depth exchange on the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, training of technology transfer talents, and cooperation among industry, universities and research institutes. In the future, the two sides will strengthen communication and enhance cooperation, jointly explore opportunities for cooperation in technology transfer and innovation between the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, open up channels for information exchange and resource sharing, and jointly promote the development of dual ventures in the two regions.

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