2018 Shanghai-Tong Science and Technology Matchmaking Meeting-Nantong Branch of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center signed the contract

On the afternoon of April 26th, the agreement on the construction of Nantong Branch Center of Eastern National Technology Transfer Center was signed at the "2018 Shanghai-Tong Science and Technology Cooperation Promotion Conference" jointly hosted by Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, Nantong Municipal Committee and Nantong Municipal People's Government. The conference signed the "Agreement on Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation in Science and Technology Innovation between Shanghai and Nantong" and four sub-agreements, including the "Framework Agreement on the Joint Construction of the Nantong Sub-center of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center". The agreement aims to establish close cooperation in the construction of innovation clusters, cooperation of think tanks, sharing of scientific and technological resources and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to build a cross-river innovation consortium between Shanghai and Hutong, to build a demonstration zone for innovation and entrepreneurship, and to further promote the cooperation and connection of scientific and technological innovation between Shanghai and Hutong at a higher and higher level. Liu Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Science and Technology, and Lu Zhipeng, Secretary of the Nantong Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, jointly inaugurated the "Shanghai-Tong Cross-river Collaborative Innovation Promotion Office". Chen Long, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Science and Technology, and Jing Mao, deputy inspector of Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, delivered speeches respectively. Nantong Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and Secretary-General Shen Lei presided over the meeting. Xie Wenlan, secretary-general of the Municipal Science and Technology Party Committee, Liu Qin, deputy inspector of the Municipal Science and Technology Committee, attended the meeting. In addition, the meeting 20 high maturity, more cooperation funds of the two cities industry, university and research cooperation projects were signed. Some scientific and technological achievements and enterprise technology needs were released at the meeting and organized pre-docking.

At the meeting, Mr. Yan Mingfeng, CEO of International Technology Transfer Eastern Center, and Mr. Shen Feng, General Manager of Nantong Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship Service Center, signed the "Framework Agreement on the Construction of Nantong Branch Center of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center". The signing and landing of the Nantong Sub-center will serve as a new starting point for technological exchange between Shanghai and Nantong against the background of "Shanghai-Tong" comprehensive cooperation in science and technology, and build a regional technology transfer center integrating information sharing, technology transaction services, technology financial innovation, technology transfer, technology transfer broker cultivation, intellectual property services and big data in one. The platform aims to accelerate technology transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, create a well-functioning technology transfer ecosystem with a favorable environment, cultivate a team of experts in technology transfer, further promote Nantong's innovation chain, industrial chain and value chain to the middle and high end, thus linking scientific and technological resources of the two regions through technology transfer and providing new kinetic energy for Nantong's economic transformation, upgrading and innovative development. At the same time, it will further support the construction and development of the Yangtze River Delta regional science and technology collaborative innovation network.

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