National Center for Technology Transfer East Hosts Advanced Seminar on Blockchain, Value Networks and Credit Society as Scheduled


On March 3-4, the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center held an advanced seminar on "Blockchain, Value Network and Credit Society" as scheduled in the Bay Valley Technology Park. Leaders from government financial departments, founders and executives from real estate, finance and traditional enterprises gathered together to learn blockchain technology knowledge, including Fudan University, School of Finance of Jiaotong University, China Enterprise Hongyi Asset Management, Junhao Capital and Six Regions Blockchain Laboratory. Experts from Wo Fox Trust Technology shared brainstorming and interesting topics in the training. The training was hosted by the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, Shanghai Technology Exchange Blockchain Application Center.

Ms. Wang Yi, Director of the Blockchain Application Center of the Shanghai Technology Exchange, Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, said in her speech that the current blockchain concept is very hot, in which there are both more investment opportunities and certain speculative bubbles. As a key support project of the East Center, it is necessary to correctly understand blockchain technology and the value of blockchain application in various fields. It is hoped that this high-end training will promote business links and common development by focusing on the characteristics of blockchain technology and realizing its application in different industries and businesses. At the same time, this training is also beneficial to enhance the professional level and investment ability of practitioners, and further promote the technology incubation and practice of the East Center, resonance and collision of fireworks in blockchain overall solutions, artificial intelligence, shared economy and other aspects.

                          Wang Yi Speech

First of all, Ling Li, a professor from the Department of Communication of Fudan University, who is also the deputy director of Shanghai "Citizen Cloud" Management Center, and an information expert from Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission and Municipal Science and Technology Commission, will discuss the three aspects of "Introduction to Bitcoin", "Fundamentals of Cryptography" and "Blockchain Principles". Detailed explanation of the past and present life of blockchain technology. He began with the analysis of the data structure of the bitcoin ledger, introduced in detail the origin, function and characteristics of bitcoin, explained the basic principles of bitcoin, and guided the correct understanding of bitcoin. Professor Ling also explained Bitcoin's cryptography technology - the comprehensive application of the hash function, Merkle tree, public key cryptography algorithm, etc., and systematically explained the principle and comprehensive application of information encryption technology. And from the structure of bitcoin - mining - super ledger - smart contracts - blockchain technology - technology applications - system operation mechanism and other aspects, in-depth introduction of the blockchain. Technical principles, detailing the relationship between bitcoin and blockchain, bitcoin as the first successful use of blockchain technology, bringing a new understanding, and blockchain is a technical idea, more able to derive different types of applications, but also summarizes the application of blockchain technology in marriage files, agricultural traceability, electronic contracts, charitable donations, shared parking spaces, Kodak coins and other cases.


Classroom experiments

Then, Dr. Shen Jie, Chief Scientist of SDChain, General Team Leader of the National IoT Basic Standards Working Group and Editor-in-Chief of ISO/IEC International Standards for IoT Reference Architecture, shared the analysis of the convergence of IoT and blockchain development, which established the world's first convergence standard framework for IoT and blockchain. By constructing SixDomainChain (SDChain), we fully consider the technical characteristics of IoT and the needs of commercial ecology construction, and provide the following services in digital asset issuance, user credit identity management, P2P communication, encryption algorithm, consensus algorithm, smart contract, cross-chain contract model, market-based consensus incentive, decentralized DApp, and fast access to new services. On the basis of the existing blockchain technology, the company has carried out in-depth optimization to ensure the benign, rapid and sustainable development of the six-domain chain's business ecology, realize the symbiosis and co-prosperity of coin, chain and industrial Internet of Things (IoT), efficiently realize the circulation and value transformation of credit digital assets, and create a global benchmark for blockchain and IoT to promote the development of real society.

                        Dr. Shen shared

                        Discussion with participants

After that, Mr. Bo-Ping Shi, a partner from Junhao Capital, shared "Those Blockchain Things", in which he approached from the perspective of token economics in the business community, and through Beetoken for example, he led us to feel the connotation of token economics step by step, from shaping the business community, expanding the business community, designing value consensus (network privilege).                 

    Spurgeon shares

Mr. Shenghu Cao, CEO of Fox Trust Technology, sponsor of the Six Domains Blockchain Joint Lab, and member of the Blockchain Blue Book writing team, gave a live presentation on "Digital Currency," in which he talked about three major changes brought about by blockchain technology through the content of decentralized, programmable societies, distributed organizations, and token economic incentive models, one being that the untamperable nature of blockchain technology fundamentally changes the centralized approach to credit creation. Multiple points of trust consensus; second, the Internet from the Internet of information to the Internet of value, and the difference between the transfer of value and the transfer of information is that the transfer of value requires the transfer of information and value at the same time; third, the terms of the smart contract recorded in computer language rather than legal language. The scene even shared the investment dry goods, ignited the passion.

                       Cao Shenghu Share

The trainees spontaneously formed discussion groups to discuss the business content of their respective fields, combined with blockchain technology, and the training participants discussed in groups around "blockchain application technology", taking the stage one after another to elaborate their experiences and views, and the training experts made wonderful comments on the spot.

                        Panel discussion

Expert comments

At the end of the course, the rewarding participants received certificates of completion from the National Technology Transfer Talent Training Base (Eastern Center).

                                Issuance of certificates

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