The First Meeting of Shareholders and Board of Directors of Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park Co.

The first shareholders' meeting and board meeting of Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Corporate Park Limited was successfully held in the Boston, Massachusetts area on November 30, 2017 (US local time), a joint venture between Shanghai C&T Boston Investment LLC and Boston Innovation Resources LLC since August 31, 2017 (US local time) The first shareholders' meeting and the first directors' meeting of the joint venture after the formal incorporation of Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park Co.

Mr. Zhu Aicun, Director of Comprehensive Division of Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zone Management Committee, was invited to attend the meeting. Yu Yuezi, Vice Chairman of Zhangjiang Development Strategy Institute, Xie Jihua, General Manager of Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Innovation Center, Zou Shujun, Executive Vice President of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, Li Jiansheng, Chairman of U.S.-China Cooperation and Development Committee, Harkin, Massachusetts Commissioner for Asian Affairs, Nick, General Manager of Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park, and Hua Tian, CFO and Secretary General of Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park attended the meeting. .

At the meeting, Director Zhu Aicun, on behalf of the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zone Management Committee, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the members of the Chinese and American sides for their unremitting efforts in the early construction of the Park. She said that after long-term preparations and active planning, the joint venture company not only registered smoothly and put its development on the right track, but also laid a carrier foundation for actively promoting the building of innovation platforms and technology industrial parks of the two sides. The internal space renovation project was successfully completed, and the JV is eagerly looking forward to the construction of "seven platforms, six centers" in the future, with the overall goal of building a world-class science and technology park in Shanghai and the Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone as the center of global influence. Mobilize more resources to continue to help promote Boston Garden as a new highland for Sino-American technology parks and achieve both social and economic benefits.

The establishment of the Boston campus is an ice-breaking move in Sino-US technology transfer innovation, and we have been vowing to promote and adapt to the operation model of local parks in the US. After nearly two years of hard work, the operation of the park has entered a substantial phase, and we will continue to explore ways to make this platform more powerful in the future.

Li Jiansheng, Chairman of the U.S.-China Cooperation and Development Committee, said he was grateful for the trust placed in him by all parties and would continue to make his own contributions and efforts to build a bridge of innovation and cooperation between China and the U.S. He would draw on and apply the experience and model of the original operating company to the construction of the platform and continue to promote the development and construction of the park.

At the meeting, Xie Jihua, Chairman of Shanghai Kechen Boston Investment Co., Ltd. and Li Jiansheng, Chairman of Boston Innovation Resources Co., Ltd. signed the resolution of the shareholders' meeting, appointing the first Chairman of the Board of Directors and members of the Board of Directors of the joint venture company, and hiring Nick and Huatian as senior management of Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park Co. Subsequently, the shareholders' representatives, board members and senior management of the Company reviewed and approved the Articles of Association, the Company's contract management measures, and the Company's financial and accounting management measures.

After the shareholders' and directors' meetings, the participants further discussed the park's objectives and priorities for 2018, and discussed options and site visits for the upcoming internal space renovation project and the planned expansion of the park's new exhibition center building.

The successful convening of this meeting indicates that the work of BTP is on track, and the operation and construction of the park will be more efficiently carried out by the joint venture company instead of the two parties themselves. The two-way green channel around the development of Sino-US science and technology parks has gradually realized market operation, which will not only explore a new operation and maintenance way for the cooperation between China and the US in the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, but also open up more channels for Chinese enterprises to face the source of innovation in the US and create more possibilities for the exchange and development of science and technology between China and the US.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park Co.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park Co.

  Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park Ltd. shareholder signs share certificate

Participants' field trip to see the progress of space renovation and expansion of the campus

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