Shanghai Technology Exchange 52 Registry and Xinhua Technology Park host service seminar

In order to assist the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Park, effectively exploit patents, implement patent layout and enjoy tax exemptions for technology transfer and transformation, and enhance the technological innovation capacity and core competitiveness of enterprises, under the strong support and guidance of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Jing'an District, Shanghai Science and Technology Talent Development and Exchange Center and Shanghai Jing'an District Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Service Center, the Technology Contract Recognition Registry No. 52 of the Shanghai Technology Exchange was established. Jointly organized by Xinhua Science and Technology Park, Shanghai University Science and Technology Park, New Huigu Science and Technology Industrial Park, and E Construct Space Information Industrial Park, the "Jing'an District Service Small and Medium Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Contract Recognition Lecture" was successfully held on October 24, 2017 at Shanghai University Science and Technology Park. The lecture invited Mr. Zhao Zhiyuan, a mentor of Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship and Mr. Huang Jichen, a technical contract expert from the Shanghai Technology Market Office, to explain to more than 20 enterprises in attendance.

First of all, Mr. Zhao Zhiyuan gave a detailed introduction on "how to prevent small enterprises from losing protection of core technologies", "how to reduce the cost of patent application" and "common misunderstandings of patent application". How startups can effectively secure their company's technology while burying themselves in product development.

After that, Mr. Huang Jichen from Shanghai Technology Market Office introduced the administrative functions of Shanghai Market Office and gave a detailed introduction on the types of technology contracts, signing standards and tax preferential policies that enterprises are interested in. At the same time, Mr. Huang also introduced the conditions for registration of technology contracts and the registration process for the participants, which made everyone have a clearer understanding of the conditions.

At the meeting, the enterprise representatives were eager to ask questions and have in-depth communication with the experts. Through some vivid case studies, the two teachers gave the entrepreneurs a more in-depth understanding of intellectual property rights and technology contract recognition.

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