Mid-term validation meeting was held on the topic of "Research on the Construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Achievement Transfer Factor Market and Supporting Investment and Financing Mechanism Planning".

On the morning of October 26th, the mid-term validation meeting of the project "Research on the Construction of Factor Market for the Transfer of Scientific and Technological Achievements in Shanghai and the Planning of Supporting Investment and Financing Mechanism" was held as scheduled at the Technical Trade Building, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Experts in related fields were invited to evaluate the project and jointly promote the further validation and follow-up research of the project.

Mr. Tao Changsheng, Director of Policy Research Office of Shanghai Municipal Finance Office, Mr. Liu Gongrun, Assistant Director of CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of Finance, Mr. Zhou Deming, General Manager of Shanghai Futures Information Technology Co. . Luo Dajin, Director of the Shanghai Institute of Science, responded to the expert opinions on behalf of the research team. Mr. Yan Mingfeng, CEO of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, Mr. Liang Bing, Director of the Innovation Service Department of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Mr. Yu Jiedong, Director of the Planning and Development Department of the Shanghai Branch of China Development Bank, as the entrusted party of the project, also put forward their thoughts on the problems of the project and the direction of subsequent research. Among them, President Yan raised confusion about the difference between the service system and the market system, the difference between the technology trading market and the traditional trading market, how to introduce sustainable vitality to the technology trading market, how finance and capital should participate in various aspects of technology trading and the mechanism and platform construction on which it relies, hoping that the research team can jointly think, discuss and improve relevant contents in the follow-up research process.

At the mid-term demonstration, the parties and experts discussed and exchanged views on the topics, and expressed their desire to further improve the topics and promote the follow-up process.

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