The red, blue and black color "Double Creativity Spectrum" is exciting.

SHANGHAI, Sept. 17, 2008 (Xinrong He) In the recent "National Innovation Week" held in Shanghai, all kinds of cutting-edge innovative products are dazzling. Among them, the red, blue and black "spectrum" reflected from the main venue in Shanghai is inspiring, thought-provoking and tasty.


  Rusty "red": old factory blossoms into "innovation flower".

  The Changyang Venture Valley in Yangpu District, Shanghai, is the launch site of the 2017 National Double Creation Week. What is the meaning of Changyang Creation Valley being chosen as the main venue?

  The answer lies in the "China Textile Machinery" nameplate on the roof of Changyang Chuanggu. As a former textile machinery workshop, Changyang Chuanggu was once rusty. With the deepening of "Double Creation" policy, the former rumbling sound of textile machinery is replaced by the keyboarding sound of entrepreneurs. An iron-red character "Chuang" faithfully records its past and present life.

  The metamorphosis of Changyang Venture Valley is quite representative of the many industrial bases in the country. "In the past, people engaged in scientific and technological innovation and used to build new parks, but in fact, many old spaces can be transformed and upgraded." Xi Rongqing, head of Changyang Chuanggu, said Changyang Chuanggu represents the transformation of old and new energy, serving both dual creation and urban renewal.

  This "old tree blossoms into a new flower" case study can be seen everywhere in the main venue in Shanghai. As the country's largest steel company, Baowu Iron and Steel Group has transformed the special steel plot in Baoshan, Shanghai, into the "Wusongkou Innovation Park". Baowu has also opened its technology platform, such as the State Key Laboratory of New Materials and the Energy Storage Laboratory of the Central Research Institute, to resident enterprises, which has attracted more than 40 high-tech projects to settle in the park.

  With policy support, the "flower of innovation" competes with the old industrial roots: the bicycle-sharing leader, Dubai, has placed its regional headquarters for innovative business in Changyang Chuanggu; the aviation spraying technology, a start-up project of employees within the Baowu Group, has been used in the large On parts of aircraft engines.


  Open "Blue": opening up to global creative talent

  A simple piece of glass, coated with a film made of nanomaterials, instantly transforms into a transparent display. While maintaining a clear image, the audience can also see the scenery behind the glass, creating a visual effect similar to virtual reality. This technology, called "Magic Display", attracted a lot of audience to stop and experience it in the "Double Creation Week".

  The development of this technology, the whole eagle intelligent deputy general manager Yang Miao told reporters that the enterprise was founded by a group of American scientists studying new materials, and is now actively exploring the domestic automotive high-speed rail, smart windows and other areas.

  Like the blue sea, Shanghai is open to global talent. "Shanghai's international characteristics highlight its advantages in the national dual-creation activities," Xie Jihua, head of Yangpu Science and Innovation Center, said.

  Back in 2016, the Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park opened in Massachusetts, USA, becoming the first example of a joint high-tech park between the US and Chinese governments. This was followed by the official opening of the Shanghai Innovation Center (London) branch, which bridges technology transfer and technology finance between Shanghai and London.

  A large number of foreign-funded enterprises in Shanghai have also joined this wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. In Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, led by the management committee, General Electric, Unilever, Bosch and others have set up a joint incubation platform for multinational enterprises, and 15 incubation units have been built.

  Wang Weigang, deputy director of the Zhangjiang Administrative Committee, said: "In the Internet environment, it is not enough for multinational companies to use their own internal R&D resources, and open innovation becomes a direction. The 'marriage' between multinationals and local entrepreneurs has become a logical step."


"Black" technology: highlighting China's hard power

  The detection sensitivity is increased 40 times, the scanning speed is shortened from 20 minutes to 15-30 seconds, and the radiation dose during scanning is reduced to 1/40 of the original. in this "Double Creation Week" venue, Shanghai United Image Technology brought the world's first panoramic dynamic scanning PET-CT equipment.

"This device can become the 'Hubble Telescope' for exploring the mysteries of the human body, and with this as a platform, a series of brainy scientific research applications may become possible," Lianxiang related officials said.

  Many technological innovations that are ahead of their time and described as "black technology" by the network appeared in the Shanghai "Doubles Innovation Week". Statistics show that in the 2017 Shanghai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, "hard technology" including electronic information, advanced manufacturing, biomedicine, new materials and other "hard technology" accounted for 72%. technological innovation has become the mainstream of Shanghai Double Venture.

  The cycle of technological innovation is long, and once a breakthrough is made, it is of great significance to break the foreign monopoly and realize import substitution. From big airplanes to small chips, from new drug development to new material development, Shanghai's innovative enterprises are competing for the lead in areas where China's R&D strength is relatively weak.

  To do a good job, one must first sharpen one's tools. In the booth of the Zhangjiang National Science Center, a model of the "Hard X-ray Free Electron Laser Device," an important scientific research tool, was displayed. Zhao Zhendang, director of the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the previous generation of light sources can only "take pictures for molecules", but after the completion of the device, it can "make movies for molecules". The huge leap in experimental technology, will drive photon science, life, energy, brain-like intelligence and many other fields of research, for science and technology innovation with source power.

(Source: Xinhua News Agency)


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