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At the end of July, Shanghai University Technology Market went to Xianning City, Hubei Province to conduct a survey on the needs of enterprises, and is now publishing local needs, 请有意向者尽快将资料发至info@gaoxiaotech.com邮箱, universities and research institutes technical team priority, we will contact you as soon as possible.

        Alcoholic thick mash fermentation technology

Main needs: to produce edible alcohol as raw material cassava, fermented mash alcohol content is an important indicator of the level of alcohol production technology, but also the key technology of alcohol production of high and low energy consumption, my company's existing equipment and technology level of fermented mash alcohol content did 13% (V / V). Technical realization period: 6 months.

Technical objectives: alcohol content reaches 15% (V/V), total fermentation residual sugars ≤ 1%, residual reducing sugars ≤ 0.2%, and the corresponding comprehensive energy consumption of alcohol production is reduced by 10%.
Intended forms of cooperation: technology transfer, licensing.

Project research and development basis: The company has a well-equipped laboratory center, advanced domestic alcohol production equipment and processes, well-known domestic alcohol production engineers, production managers and skilled operators with rich practical experience.

Our company is a private enterprise specialized in the research and development, production and sales of edible alcohol, with a history of more than 30 years of production and development and a strong connotation strength. The company has modern automatic alcohol production lines, the production process in the industry at present in the leading level. The annual production capacity is 60,000 tons of edible alcohol, 40,000 tons of anhydrous alcohol can be further processed and purified, and 30,000 tons of organic fertilizer and 25,000 tons of liquid carbon dioxide can be comprehensively utilized to produce 30,000 tons of organic fertilizer and 25,000 tons of liquid carbon dioxide, and 21.9 million cubic meters of biogas can be produced through anaerobic fermentation for boiler combustion, which can save more than 15,000 tons of coal per year. 3.6 million cubic meters of biomass natural gas. The recycling of resources and sustainable development have been achieved. The annual sales value can achieve 350 million yuan, creating 20 million yuan of profit and tax. The annual processing and conversion of agricultural cassava and sweet potato raw materials 180,000 tons, realizing the processing value of sweet potatoes in Tongshan.

        Hemp and cashmere, mulberry silk blended yarn technology

The main demand: because cashmere, silk contains a high level of static electricity, and in the production process and equipment friction will produce a certain amount of static electricity and production difficulties, thus seriously affecting the normal production, product quality is not effectively guaranteed.

The main technical objectives to be achieved: the variation coefficient of dryness uniformity, the variation coefficient of single yarn strength, the variation coefficient of hundred meter weight, the variation coefficient of single yarn breaking strength, color fastness, sterilization rate and other performance indexes of the yarn conform to the national or industrial standards.

Technical demand background: because cashmere, silk and other yarns are traditionally carried out in wool spinning or silk spinning, its count is lower and the product grade is lower. In view of the high-grade garment fabrics abroad, the company has been devoted to the development of Chinese linen, cashmere, mulberry silk and other high-grade yarns on the route of cotton spinning equipment and technology for more than 2 years, mainly the 30S and 40S related products. In terms of product development, we have not grasped the performance of cashmere and mulberry silk comprehensively enough, and have taken a lot of detours to improve the uniformity and strength of the yarn.

Intended mode of cooperation: industry-university-research cooperation.

The company was established in October 2013, covers an area of 338,390 m2, with a total investment of 539 million yuan, registered capital of 180 million yuan, construction area of 67,000 m2 and 564 sets of equipment. It is a high-growth enterprise integrating research and development, processing and sales of hemp textile materials, especially in the production of high-end handmade hemp, ramie, flax and other pure-spun yarns and blended yarns. The company now has 30,000 spindles of hemp-cotton spinning, 3,000 spindles of hemp wet-spinning, 10,000 spindles of ramie spinning and 480 head of airflow spinning, and produces more than 5,000 tons of various yarns annually. The company has 11 invention patents, 9 utility model patents, and participates in the formulation of 2 industry standards.

        Equipment upgrade needs

Main needs: 1. Reproduction (raw tea primary cutting, sorting) processing class output of 10,000 kg, tea loss rate reduced 50% above, dust in the production workshop reduced 50% above; 2. Brick tea production equipment running smoothly, production efficiency increased 30% above, maintenance costs reduced 30% above; 3. Drying room energy-saving 50% above; 3. The production cycle is reduced by 50%.

The existence of technical problems: 1, reproduction (raw tea primary cutting, sorting) processing class output is not high (6,000 kg); tea waste when separating non-tea material; processing process dust removal difficulties, poor working environment; 2, brick tea pressing process equipment maintenance costs, how to effectively solve the contradiction between increasing production and ensure product quality; 3, drying room baking brick tea generally takes about 10 days, with boiler energy consumption Great, is there energy saving and environmental protection (to shorten the baking time) and can protect the brick tea drying mouth of the technology and equipment?

Intentional cooperation: licensing, co-development.

The company was established in 2012, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan, mainly engaged in the planting, processing, sales of tea and other beverage crops, with the right to import and export, its professional cooperative is a national agricultural products processing demonstration society and national demonstration cooperative, its raw material planting base is a provincial demonstration base, is a perfect combination of traditional technology and modern high-tech, combining food and art, economy and culture, food and art, economy and culture, and technology. Production and tourism into one, is a very local economic characteristics of innovative enterprises. The company is mainly divided into three major functional areas of scientific research and tea culture, leisure landscape tea garden and modern production center, covering an area of 87 acres, and has built more than 14,000 square meters of plant and ancillary infrastructure.





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