Technical needs (viii)

At the end of July, Shanghai University Technology Market went to Xianning City, Hubei Province to conduct a survey on the needs of enterprises, and is now publishing local needs, 请有意向者尽快将资料发至info@gaoxiaotech.com邮箱, universities and research institutes technical team priority, we will contact you as soon as possible.

        Technical problems of enterprises.1.Changed the dosage form of the oral liquid tonic heart qi to heart qi capsules, which was not possible due to the large dose taken orally at one time and required technical support.2.Changed the dosage form of alcoholic liquor (Shennong medicinal liquor, which is permitted to be taken internally) to a topical drug such as an applicator, which was restricted due to the fact that some rheumatism patients could not take alcoholic liquor.

        Key elements of demand.The need for high-end technical staff to in-depth research on the active ingredients in the original oral product; 2. how to change the same amount of active ingredients of the raw dosage into a capsule dosage form, and a dose of no more than 4 tablets (0.5g/capsule); 3. to achieve the same raw dosage of the two, the same efficacy.
Intended mode of cooperation: cooperation, project implementation period of 3 years.

The company was founded in 1975, and is a newly established private enterprise after the reform of state-owned enterprises in 2001, with a team of employees who have excellent production technology, skilled operation and good management level of traditional Chinese medicine. The company mainly produces oral liquid, oral solution, granules, tablets, hard capsules and other five types of dosage forms, and 14 products such as tonic heart qi, nourishing heart yin, etc. The company has a production department, a quality department and a quality control department. The company consists of six departments, including production, quality, product development, logistics, administration and finance.





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