National Technology Transfer Eastern Center Blockchain Advanced Training Course Successfully Held

On July 29-30, the "Blockchain, Value Network and Credit Society" Advanced Seminar hosted by the Eastern National Center for Technology Transfer was held as scheduled, bringing together many industry gurus to discuss the technical principles, innovative applications and future development of blockchain technology, focusing on the application and linkage of blockchain technology, focusing on the development of the blockchain industry and technology in today's era, and creating common solutions for different industries. "Blockchain" is a technology business card for multi-industry innovation integration.


First of all, Mr. Yan Mingfeng, CEO of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, introduced to the participants the background of the establishment of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, the strategic pattern, platform construction, service model and other aspects. By providing a full chain of services such as technology transaction, science and technology finance and industry incubation, NTMETEC will establish a fourth-party platform with platform, internationalization, marketization, capitalization and specialization, establish a market-oriented and innovative institutional mechanism, introduce capital power and professional services, accelerate the process of technology transfer and fruit transformation, and create The "integrated two-winged" strategic pattern of "technology trading as the mainstay, service and finance as supplementary".


Afterwards, Mr. Wang Yi, Director of the Blockchain Application Center of Shanghai Technology Exchange, delivered a welcome speech, welcoming entrepreneurs from governments, finance, real estate, health, culture, IT, and traditional manufacturing to brave the summer heat and come from different places to learn, thanking team members for their hard work, and thanking blockchain for linking everyone together, not only to gain knowledge, but also to gain intellectual interaction and friendship.


Blockchain, as one of the key technologies for providing digital, networked and intelligent services, has become a hotspot in today's era. By focusing on the characteristics of blockchain technology, it can be flexibly applied in different industries and businesses; to feel the inspiration of blockchain technology, to think innovatively, to expand one's thinking, to observe, think, analyze problems and construct solutions from new perspectives such as distribution and peer-to-peer, etc., is one of the reasons why this advanced course is offered. What the workshop is all about.


In the training course, Ling Li, a professor from the Department of Communication of Fudan University, who is also the deputy director of Shanghai "Citizen Cloud" Management Center, and an information expert from Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission and Municipal Science and Technology Commission, discussed the following topics: "Bitcoin and Virtual Currency", "Fundamentals of Cryptography", "Blockchain and Virtual Currency", "The Basics of Cryptography", and "The Basics of Cryptography". The Overview of Chain Technology explains in detail the origin, function and characteristics of Bitcoin in three aspects, and through the establishment of a relationship of trust in the virtual world, it explains the basic principles of Bitcoin, leading to a correct understanding of Bitcoin. The Fundamentals of Cryptography explains in detail the technical security principle of Bitcoin, a method to ensure confidentiality, integrity and traceability by transforming the coding so that the information content can only be understood by legitimate recipients. The Principles of Blockchain describes in detail the relationship between bitcoin and blockchain, with bitcoin as the first successful application of blockchain technology, bringing a new understanding to people; and blockchain as a technical idea that can be derived from different types of applications.


Mr. Dahongfei, CEO of Distributed Technology, has been working full-time in the digital community since 2013, co-founded "Bitcoin Camp", has been a speaker at digital summits in Beijing, Hong Kong and other places, served as an advisor for several blockchain startup projects, and has been hosting "Little Ant Coin" since 2015. "The project, using blockchain technology allows ordinary companies to carry out" IPO ", hair equity, trading equity. He shared the scene "NEO and Onchain", NEO as a small ant blockchain release of the new brand, with a small ant new mission, namely the smart economy, including: digital assets + digital identity + smart contracts. He describes the blueprint for NEO's new ecosystem as including smart money (in partnership with Nest), AI-assisted legal smart contracts, online social networking, automated liquidity providers, and decentralized exchanges. Onchain, however, has chosen to be the underlying technology in the blockchain market, positioning itself as a world-class company with core blockchain technology.


Onchain Chief Architect Jun Lee then shared "Blockchain in the Financial Markets," where he talked about how blockchain allows people to build confidence in collaborating with each other without a central authority. The "Blockchain+" model emerged during that time period. Blockchain is a clever combination of several mature technologies, blocks and chains can achieve the function of history + verification (timestamp), distributed decentralized structure to solve the problem of data storage security, consensus mechanism to solve the problem of nodes to prove each other, indicating that blockchain is a technology with open-source thinking and social equality. Because of these characteristics of the blockchain, the blockchain is also known as a "trusted machine".


Zhao Qianjie, who was invited to join Bitcoin China in 2014, is currently the Vice President of Bitcoin China, responsible for Bitcoin's mining pool business. He brought "Compliance and Security for Blockchain Asset Transactions" on the spot, predicting that the Asia Pacific region will maximize its compound annual growth rate between 2016 and 2021, with Australia and China prioritized to benefit from the many potentials of blockchain technology. The manufacturing and supply chain management industries will present trillion-dollar potential markets for blockchain. Klaus Schwab, founder of the Davos Forum, predicts that 10% of total global GDP will be stored using blockchain technology by 2025.


After listening to the explanation of the experts, the scene atmosphere was ignited, and the training participants discussed in groups around "blockchain application technology" and took the stage one after another to elaborate their experiences and views. After the training, participants received the training certificate issued by the Eastern Center of the National Technology Transfer Talent Training Base.


At the subsequent dinner, the participants introduced and exchanged with each other, sharing their industry experiences with each other, and ideas from government, finance, enterprises and other walks of life collided with each other here, and with sparks, there was inspiration.


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