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Founded in 1956, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the first four TCM colleges and universities established in China after the birth of the new China, and the only key medical school among the Shanghai universities.

The university has 21 colleges directly affiliated to the university, 3 hospitals directly affiliated to the university, 4 hospitals not directly affiliated to the university, 22 affiliated and co-constructed research institutes, 15 research centers; it has established a medical education and research consortium composed of 19 TCM institutions in Shanghai. The university has one engineering research center of the Ministry of Education, three key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, two key laboratories of Shanghai, seven key research laboratories of the Central Administration of the Central Administration of Science and Technology, two engineering research centers of Shanghai universities, two humanities and social sciences research bases of Shanghai universities, and three E-research institutes of Shanghai universities.

        Guangci Ageing in Place

With the development of society, the lack of resources for old-age pensions and the phenomenon of ageing are becoming increasingly prominent. The problem of old-age pensions cannot be solved fundamentally by increasing investment in them alone. How to improve efficiency and form an integrated service is an effective way to solve the problem. The Guangci team from Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine attempts to use the Internet + intelligent + to provide a highly efficient and high-quality integrated home care service system.

1.Customized personal program: through the assessment questionnaire, the system creates a health care plan for you, telling you what to do when and how to do it. With constant use, the personal plan will be optimized.

2. Multidisciplinary integrated services: The elderly need integrated services, but the knowledge of disciplines is separated. Our knowledge and experience in nursing, rehabilitation, disease care, disease warning, exercise, massage and moxibustion, and dietary adjustment are integrated to serve you.

3. One-click docking of senior care resources: Our society already has various senior care resources, but the information is fragmented and the matching efficiency is low. We put youth volunteers, elderly nannies, elderly tourism, community senior meals, home renovation, elderly supplies, hospital extended care and other external resources for the elderly, through data sharing, a key to get. Win-win.

        Visualized and interactive TCM health coaching system based on WeChat public platform

Health Coach is a visual and interactive health care application developed by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It provides users with guidance on seven types of health and wellness operations: portable moxibustion, massage, cupping, compressing, auricular acupuncture and pediatric massage, and covers injury, gynecology and pediatrics for back problems, neck problems, shoulder problems, dysmenorrhea, pediatric colds and pediatric diarrhea.

Through the visual interactive mode to guide the user's health operations. Each step is accompanied by a text description, a video (or picture), a voice prompt (timer), and when a step is completed, it is possible to jump to the next step until the end of the operation. The user is free to choose any operation that is equipped with step-by-step instructions to follow the health care. The product acts as a "personal trainer" for the user.

The system relies on the WeChat public platform, which is convenient for users to pay attention to and use at any time, and guides the public to perform moxibustion, tui-na, cupping and other health care operations in a more intuitive way through visualization and interactive technology; in addition, the system has absorbed the clinical experience of front-line workers and is constantly enriched and updated to provide timely information on the latest achievements in diseases and health care solutions.

This product adopts H5 technology for WeChat front-end visualization and interactive design, which ensures the advantages of low cost, cross-platform, no installation, and can quickly meet users' needs, as well as collect users' feedback so that developers can adjust and update in time.

        Health Services Robot

The health service robot is based on traditional Chinese medicine and integrates innovative technologies such as intelligence, sensing, network and cloud computing, aiming to promote the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine health services and realize convenient and intelligent community health services. Its most important function is to carry out TCM health identification and health management for users through human-computer interaction. It carries out health identification through human-computer dialogue windows and a variety of external wireless health identification devices, collects information such as blood pressure, pulse and tongue diagnosis and relevant basic health data, and carries out individualized health management. The data collected is analyzed and a detailed health identification report based on the nine TCM body types is provided to the user for personalized health care solutions. At the same time, it can also provide users with health care services such as acupoint electrical stimulation based on wireless Bluetooth technology.

        Development of Fully Automatic Ampoule Opener

The present invention is designed to deal with the phenomenon that medical and nursing personnel open the dissecting bottle in violation of the principle of aseptic operation and easily cut their hands in order to improve their work efficiency, and the purpose is to open the dissecting bottle more quickly, safely, efficiently and conveniently without contaminating the drug solution so that the personnel can dispense the drug.

The ampoule is sensed by a photo-sensitive switch, the operation of the device is safely controlled by a time-delay relay, and the high-speed movement of the lever is driven by an electromagnetic field to instantly break the neck of the ampoule to open the bottle. The device is suspended, the operator only needs to hold the ampoule bottle in one hand and place the neck on the slot, then the sensor switch will automatically sense and control the device to open the ampoule bottle, the interrupted part will fall into the recovery tank directly and the operator will aspirate the liquid. The opening process takes less than 2 seconds and can open 1~5 ampoules at one time without the influence of different sizes and capacities of ampoules, which is safe, fast and effective, and greatly improves the clinical work efficiency and meets the clinical requirements on the premise of not easily hurting the operator's hands.

The invention consists of a card slot, control assembly, drive assembly, sliding device, moving arm, moving rod and recovery device. The main technical indexes are: bottle-opening rate; bottle-breaking rate; unit processing capacity (unit: one); processing cycle (unit: second); maximum processing frequency (unit: unit/minute); contamination rate, etc. The device is small in size, simple in operation, high in efficiency, and practical in the domestic and foreign market. The device is small in size, simple in operation, high in efficiency, practical, in the design of domestic and foreign an dissecting bottle opener in the field of leading position. At present, this design has obtained the national patent certification.

        An herbal lip balm to combat chronic lip inflammation

Chronic lipitis is a chronic disease with redness, swelling, erosion, crusting, cracking and grayish-white scales of the lips as the main clinical manifestations. In recent years, the clinical prevalence is showing an increasing trend year by year, as of 2014, China has about 48 million patients with lipitis. Chronic lipitis has a great impact on human health, how to find a practical and effective preventive and therapeutic measures for this disease, has great clinical research significance and market value.

As the causes and mechanisms of chronic inflammation of the lips is still unclear, there is no effective and targeted treatment of drugs, Western medicine, mainly antibiotics, hormones, supplemented by vitamins, treatment and conditioning, although they can achieve certain results, but the withdrawal of drugs prone to relapse, can not really relieve the pain of patients. Chronic inflammation of the lip disease course of the lingering, recurrent attacks, patients suffering from exceptional pain. Therefore, the development of effective natural protective products has a broad market demand.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a complementary and alternative therapy that is receiving more and more attention at home and abroad, and the results are satisfactory. This product is different from the traditional lip balm on the market, the first time to add elements of traditional Chinese herbs into the lip balm, according to the characteristics of the condition of lip wind, the selection of corresponding Chinese medicine and preparations for targeted treatment. It can not only effectively treat chronic lipitis patients, but also prevent the recurrence of lipitis, so that the lingering difficult to heal the course of the disease can be controlled, and truly solve the difficult clinical problems. The project's "three grass oil traditional Chinese medicine lip balm" is gradually refined and screened in the clinical practice of the famous Chinese herbalist "Xia's surgery" heir to the effective composition, and animal experiments to explore the best drug ratio, so as to effectively apply the lip balm in the composition of the drug! It fully demonstrates the advantages and characteristics of the external treatment method of Chinese medicine. This scientific and technological invention project combines Chinese herbs with daily skin care products, theoretically and practically, and derives a new type of lip balm with therapeutic effect of prevention and treatment, which has a high value for popularization and application.

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