Shanghai Anshui Information Consulting Co.

Company Profile.

Ltd. was founded in 2007 and has accumulated experience in serving hundreds of (paid) clients; more than 1,000 considering the public or semi-profitable nature of the service.

The internal management system of the unit includes: performance appraisal system and program, training management system, salary and welfare management system, recruitment management system, project service management system and so on.

Main service areas.   

1. Electronic information technology
2 Biological and new medical technologies
3. Aerospace technology
4 New materials technology
5. High-technology services
6 New energy and energy-saving technologies
7 Resource and environmental technologies
8 High and new technologies to transform traditional industries
9 Other    

Scope of Services and Qualifications.

Targeted screening (technology assessment, intellectual property analysis).Overview of Services In order to meet the needs of patent transfer and patent transaction, IPR evaluation and value analysis are carried out. The evaluation includes technical value evaluation (whether it is advanced), legal value evaluation (whether the status is reliable), market value evaluation (the feasibility of implementing the technology, whether there are barriers, whether the economic benefit prospects are good), etc. Through analysis and evaluation, the intangible asset of technology and patent can be transformed into a reference economic valuation. Through the analysis and evaluation, the intangible asset of technology and patent is transformed into an economic valuation that can be referred to. Methods and Criteria for Patent Evaluation The patent evaluation is conducted by the Patent Management Department of the State Intellectual Property Office of China and the Patent Value Analysis Index System launched by China Technology Exchange in October 2012. The evaluation criteria include the following: first level index: legal value, second level index: stability, circumventability, dependability, patent infringement, validity period, multinational application, patent licensing status. First level index: technical value, second level index: advancedness, industry development trend, scope of application, dependence on supporting technology, substitutability, maturity. First-tier index: economic value, followed by second-tier index: market application, market scale, market share, competitors and policy adaptability. Tools used (databases) China Patent Literature Database China Degree Thesis Database China Science and Technology Thesis Database Chinese Science and Technology Periodicals and Abstracts Database Wipro News. Form of service delivery Provide a patent evaluation report and report a summary of the evaluation analysis to the client. After approval by the client, the service is considered to be delivered.   


S&T strategic studies.Formulate science and technology strategy Pre-communication with the enterprise's overall business development goals, specific communication includes: the enterprise's goal to quickly capture a market segment; in a certain area of the product needs to gain absolute competitive advantage; to deal with the competition of which peers and competitors; target market share and industry rankings. By understanding the overall objectives of the enterprise, to help the enterprise sort out the strategic objectives of science and technology, such as: for which project the key technology to implement patent layout, restrict other peers to implement the technology; preemptive patent application in a key technology, to avoid others to expand in this area. Study how to realize the science and technology strategy The protection scope of the existing patents of the enterprise unit is combed to form a status analysis; the patent situation of similar technologies in the industry and the patent situation of the main domestic and foreign competitors are searched and analyzed, and patent maps, technology distribution diagrams, and citation relationship diagrams are drawn up. Based on the patent search analysis and the enterprise's science and technology strategic target, the company will formulate a strategy to achieve the strategic target. Main service fields Specialized technical fields: electronic information, new energy and energy-saving environmental protection, advanced manufacturing and automation. Service method The communication process with customers is mainly offline communication, and the communication targets include: company leaders, in order to correctly grasp the company's business development direction; the company's R & D personnel, in order to clarify the technology segments that enterprises are concerned about, the actual key technology involved in the enterprise; the enterprise patent staff, in order to clarify the implementation of the company's existing patents and the scope of protection. The preparation of the patent strategy report is done with the help of online search and analysis tools. The tools for patent and scientific and technical literature search are as follows: china patent literature database china degree thesis database china scientific and technical thesis database Chinese scientific and technical journals abstracts database Wipo Newsletter    


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