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Company Profile.

IEG Innovation Institute, sponsored by IDEATION, is headquartered in the United States with offices in Taiwan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and other locations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Main service areas.    

1. Electronic information technology
2 Biological and new medical technologies
3. Aerospace technology
4 New materials technology
5. High-technology services
6 New energy and energy-saving technologies
7 Resource and environmental technologies
8 High and new technologies to transform traditional industries
9 Other    

Scope of Services and Qualifications.

Training of technical personnel.Innovation Problem Solving (TRIZ) Training and Consulting Services: TRIZ is an innovation solution created by G.S. Altshuller of Russia, which reveals the inner rules and principles of creativity and invention, allowing technicians to quickly solve technical problems and improve their skills. The IEG Group currently provides TRIZ Level 1 and Level 2 training and consulting services, with a total of 30 participants in each session, on 5 technical topics, through a combination of knowledge training and project coaching. The level of difficulty of the technical subject determines which level is used.    

Tech Search.Conduct technology search and patent search on the technical characteristics of the user's needs, filter the search results to patents of similar technologies for feature comparison, determine whether the specific technology is suitable and whether there are patent risks, so as to facilitate the subsequent development of the technology and patent application, and understand the current patent layout of similar technologies, analyze the main patentee and its technical content, in order to formulate a patent strategy for the technology, and assist in the process. Technology Introduction Media    

Targeted screening (technology assessment, intellectual property analysis).The patent and market analysis of a specific technology is conducted, and strategies and suggestions for the development of the specific technology are made based on the results of the analysis, while the business development plan for a specific technology is formulated by combining the results of the patent and market analysis with the prediction of technology development and considerations of policy and environment. Patent search is conducted on the characteristics of the technology, and the search results are used to compare the characteristics of the patents of similar technologies, to determine whether there is any patent risk in the specific technology, so as to facilitate the patent application of the subsequent technology, to understand the current patent layout of similar technologies, and to analyze the main patentee and the content of the technology in order to formulate the patent strategy of the technology. Analyze the characteristics of the specific technology and its production value, determine the opportunities and risks of the specific technology to enter the market, combine SWOT analysis and five forces analysis to show the difference between the specific technology and the existing technology, plus the prediction of technology and industry trends, evaluate the development potential of the specific market, and integrate the results of market research and analysis into business development plans, and form options to match the current situation.


Competitive intelligence analysis.The business development plan for a specific technology is formulated by combining the results of patent and market analysis with the forecast of technology development and consideration of policy and environment.  


Management consulting.1.Comprehensive innovation management training and consulting service: diagnose the current situation of the enterprise, and according to the diagnosis results, give the enterprise a plan to establish a comprehensive innovation management system, IEG provides enterprise diagnosis and assessment services and one-day high-level training 2.Technology roadmap training and consulting project: technology roadmap constructs a path of product and technology development from the present to the future, which will be the enterprise's market strategy and meet the target. The IEG Group provides corporate training and consulting services to assist companies in completing their technology roadmaps. 3. Six Sigma Design Training Consulting Services: Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) integrates the R&D, manufacturing and marketing departments in new product development activities to increase the success rate of new product development, providing companies with the ability to identify customer needs and then create products that meet those needs quickly and cost-effectively. IEG provides Six Sigma design training consulting services, each phase can lead 5 design projects for up to 30 people for a total of 22 days, 2 days of facilitator training, 10 days of training course and 10 days of project coaching. Assist companies to build their positive design capabilities and solve their product design problems    


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