Technical needs (I)

The company is seeking projects to collaborate on, with technical teams from universities and research institutes preferred.

Please send information (project description, team description, performance materials) to 发至info@gaoxiaotech.com邮箱 as soon as possible and we will contact you as soon as possible.


1, Watermelon grafting root rot and root-knot nematode resistant rootstock technology needs

Project development background and necessity: watermelon heavy crop cultivation due to the serious occurrence of wilt disease, generally need 7-8 years before cultivation, over 30 years watermelon began to use the cucumber, hybrid special pumpkin for grafting, achieved better results, so that watermelon cultivation heavy crop has become a breakthrough cultivation. Shandong province annual cultivation of watermelon 3.7 million mu, need rootstock 350,000 kg. The value of 70 million yuan. However, due to consecutive years of grafting cultivation, the current watermelon rootstock used for resistance - especially root rot, root-knot nematode disease resistance is almost no, these two diseases of prevention and control currently no good technology, relying only on pesticide prevention and control increased costs, increased the product pesticide residues, reduce the melon farmers of watermelon cultivation enthusiasm.

Technical objectives to be achieved: suitable for watermelon grafting, no adverse effects on quality; characteristic characteristics of common rootstocks; ability to carry genes for resistance to root rot and root-knot nematode disease, high resistance in production; high seed production, lower product prices.


2, high thermal insulation and high light transmission nanomaterials, magnetron sputtering film manufacturing.

Specific needs: thermal insulation requirements above 95%, light transmittance above 90%, the particle size of nanomaterials within 100nm, and acrylic glue, polyurethane glue have good compatibility, need to overcome the nanomaterials abrasive manufacturing "easy agglomerate" problem. Magnetron sputtering of raw material rotation, laboratory measurement of refractive index and coating thickness of various raw materials, etc.

Intended solution: technical guidance.


3. Accurate analysis of reductive continuity reaction and diisopropyl benzene peroxide content


Demand for specific content: 1. Reduction reaction, the chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide isopropyl benzene and sodium sulfide solution, generating dimethyl - benzyl alcohol; the generation process at this stage are intermittent kettle reaction, materials in the reaction process, there is an excess situation, waste of raw materials, and increase the difficulty of wastewater management. 2.There is no standard to follow for the content analysis of diisopropyl benzene peroxide, and the chemical titration is unstable, so it can only be used as a reference, not as a technical standard. It is hoped that an accurate analytical method will be developed.

Intended solution: technology introduction, commissioned development.

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