2017 Pujiang Innovation Forum-Canada Sub-Forum Held China-Canada Building Clean Tech Transfer Eco-Chain

On the 16th local time, the 2017 Pujiang Forum-Canada Branch Forum, was held at the Toronto Convention Centre. The forum was organized by the Pujiang Innovation Forum and hosted by the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Ontario Research Innovation and Technology Department. The sub-forum aimed to bring together Canadian and Chinese companies, technology transfer platforms and research institutes to deepen cooperation in the clean technology industry, which is one of the core technology industries for Shanghai to build a global science and technology hub. More than 150 representatives from Chinese and Canadian government departments, financial and investment communities, universities and research institutions, high-tech parks and incubators, and technology intermediaries attended the forum.

Domestic existing technology in the treatment of industrial wastewater, usually will be concentrated first, this part of the concentrated water salinity is very high, to further treatment to achieve its zero discharge requirements, you need to evaporation and other means of very power-hungry, costly. Ltd. has been hoping to find a more economical, non-secondary pollution technology to cope with the increasing environmental requirements of zero discharge in the domestic industry.

At the side event of the forum: the exchange and matchmaking meeting of Chinese and Canadian advanced clean technology companies, UBO quickly found a Canadian company that uses a combination of electrochemical and membrane technology to treat high concentrations of wastewater in an advanced way.

At the docking meeting, a total of seven Chinese enterprises from the fields of water treatment, solid waste disposal, energy conservation, new energy, etc., and more than 40 Canadian enterprises did face-to-face technology docking, the venue was divided into warm, many enterprises on the spot to facilitate technical cooperation, national technology transfer, or for future mergers and acquisitions played a front stop. At the same time, the national technology transfer eastern center of clean technology sub-platform also for these international technology cooperation, escort. The person in charge, Xu Rong, said that they will help Chinese enterprises to screen out quality overseas enterprises that are suitable for them, and provide corresponding design solutions in the way and mode of cooperation to accelerate the possibility of facilitating cooperation.

The Canadian (Toronto) branch of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Centre was also inaugurated at today's forum. In other words, there will be a long-term and powerful platform to support such international technology transfer and transactions in the future. This is also the next overseas branch center established by the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, following Singapore, Boston, and the United Kingdom. Executive president Yan Mingfeng said the point in Toronto is to echo the Boston branch center, hoping to integrate the two and make a North American innovation center to echo the construction of the entire Shanghai science and technology center. The specific way is to leverage specialized service platforms, such as the cleantech this time to connect domestic and local cleantech companies in Canada. The next step is that they will form a global M&A fund at this point, dedicated to promoting technology transfer and M&A at home and abroad.

Following the pre-conference sub-forums, the 10th Pujiang Innovation Forum will be held in Shanghai from September 23 to 24 this year. On that day, China and Canada will further deepen their cooperation and connection in the fields of clean technology, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials and other fields.

(See newsknews reporter: Zhang Heroine Cha Jia Min Editor: Zhou Jie)

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