China Technology Exchange and its Delegation Visited the East China National Technology Transfer Center


On August 4, Mr. Guo Shugui, President of China Technology Exchange, and his delegation went to the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center (NTETEC) to discuss cooperation matters. Mr. Xie Jihua, President, Mr. Yan Mingfeng, Executive President, Mr. Wang Yahong, Executive Vice President, and colleagues from the preparatory team of Shanghai Technology Exchange received the guests. At the meeting, the two sides elaborated on the respective advantages, business status and development plans of China Technology Exchange and Shanghai Technology Exchange, and exchanged views on the specific contents of future cooperation. Mr. Xie stressed that the Shanghai Technology Exchange is based in Shanghai and has a global outlook, and hoped to break through geographical restrictions and realize cross-regional cooperation. The two sides then expressed their willingness to continue cooperation and learn from each other, and hoped that there would be substantive interaction in the promotion lectures for universities and institutes and the organization of international technology transfer matching activities. He said that the market of technology transaction and result transformation is far from being mature and perfected and is still in the stage of forming a service system, and that some experiences in business, system and process of China Technology Exchange can be shared with Shanghai Technology Exchange. The service platform creates a favorable ecological environment for the technology exchange market. Both parties have great expectations and enthusiasm for the future sustainable cooperation between the two major domestic technology exchanges, the China Technology Exchange and the Shanghai Technology Exchange.

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