Shanghai Leading Talents Kashgar Explains Mass Entrepreneurship and Public Innovation


Xie Jihua, President of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, gave a lecture on "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation".

On June 3, Kashgar held the sixth ideological and theoretical auditorium, and invited Xie Jihua, president of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, to give a lecture on "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". The deputy secretary of the Kashgar regional party committee, the Shanghai counterpart of Xinjiang aid work forward command commander Yang Zheng, the regional party committee member Aniwar Tursun, as well as the regional party committee, administrative department, the regional people's congress working committee, the regional political consultative conference working committee relevant leaders, the Corps third division leaders listened to the lecture. Geographical Committee members, propaganda department minister Zhang Jisheng presided.

Mr. Xie is the President of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center and the General Manager of Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center. He also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Entrepreneurship Center Committee of China Hi-Tech Zone Association and the Vice Chairman of Shanghai Science and Technology Enterprise Incubation Association. He has been awarded "Shanghai Yangpu District Top Talent", "Shanghai Leading Talent", and "Outstanding Individual of the 20th Anniversary of the National Science and Technology Program (Torch Program)". " and other honorable mentions.

First of all, Xie Jihua explained the spirit of the National Science and Technology Conference, and explained his understanding of the national strategy of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" from the perspective of personal thinking and practice, and provided an insight on how to gather innovative talents based on the advantages of external environment and how to realize the institutional mechanism of innovation for Kashgar. It provides a perspective on how to fit in with the national innovation strategy of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation for all" during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, and provides an opportunity for Kashgar to promote and practice "mass entrepreneurship" in the historical opportunity of "One Belt, One Road". Innovation for All" provides useful inspiration and ideological guidance.

Yao Kaili, a third-year student of Kashgar University, said that she was inspired by the lecture and would use the knowledge and passion to actively start a business after graduation.

More than 900 people, including cadres and representatives of the front headquarters of Shandong Province, Shanghai City, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Municipality for the aid to Xinjiang, representatives of Kashgar Economic Development Zone, units directly under the control of the region, main leaders and relevant department heads of units of the central and autonomous regions in Kashgar, and representatives of teachers and students of Kashgar University, listened to the lecture.

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