China Technology Transfer Alliance Launched in Shanghai to Promote the Flow of All Elements of Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Chain

(Reporter Wang Yijun) At a recent meeting to promote the work of the National Technology Transfer Regional Center under the guidance of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and sponsored by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center initiated the establishment of the China Technology Transfer Alliance. The establishment of the alliance will form a national technology transfer backbone network and promote the flow of scientific and technological achievements, enterprise demand, professionals, transfer service experience and other factors in the transformation chain.

The Alliance's positioning is to break through existing boundaries and barriers, gather national innovation resources, and promote the cross-regional flow and seamless integration of talent, knowledge, technology, capital, services and other innovation factors. By means of joint market research and transformation, information and talent sharing, technology transfer and comprehensive services, international exchange and cooperation, the Alliance promotes cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes in various regions, promotes complementary advantages in the technology market, mutual benefit and win-win situation, stimulates the endogenous impetus for innovation-driven development, and fosters new economic growth points through collaborative innovation on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win situation.

There are 11 regional national technology transfer centres, including the Transfer Strait Centre, the National Technology Transfer Centre in Sunan, the National Technology Transfer Centre in Zhengzhou and the National Ocean Technology Transfer Centre, forming a pattern of "2+n". The "2" refers to the Zhongguancun National Technology Transfer Cluster in Beijing and the Southern National Technology Transfer Center in Shenzhen, and the first approved unit in the "n" is the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center in Shanghai.

The Eastern National Technology Transfer Center (ENTTC) took the lead in advocating the establishment of the China Technology Transfer Alliance (CTTA), with the aim of gathering the strength and resources of regional technology transfer centers to better undertake the historical mission of the Regional Center for National Technology Transfer (RCTT) in promoting independent innovation and structural adjustment of productivity. The meeting was also the first collective appearance of the 11 regional national technology transfer centres, laying a good foundation for the formation of a regular exchange mechanism among the regional centres in the future.

Source: Shanghai Science and Technology News

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