"Intelligent Automotive Technology Transfer Center" inaugurated in Shanghai



Oriental net correspondent Li Xiao May 11 news: this morning, the National Technology Transfer East Center and Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on intelligent automotive technology transformation center.

Intelligent car industry, represented by driverless and connected cars, is the future development direction of the automotive industry.In China, the development of intelligent networked cars has been elevated to a national strategic height.In 2015, the State Council issued "Made in China 2025", the intelligent networked cars as one of the three key development directions of energy-saving and new energy vehicles. But at present, the whole industry technology is still in the initial groping stage, the interconnection of people and vehicles, the Internet, the interconnection of cars and the external environment, as well as the interconnection of cars between different car manufacturers, the future development of the technology industry in the smart car industry needs an innovative exchange bearing cooperation station.

At the meeting, Mr. Cai Xiaofei, Deputy Mayor of Jiading District, and Mr. Yan Mingfeng, CEO of National Technology Transfer East Center, unveiled the "Intelligent Automotive Technology Transformation Center". The two sides will make use of their own advantages in resource platform and leading technology in the smart car industry, and actively cooperate in the whole chain of industry such as displaying results of advanced technology projects, trading and application service, focusing on the transformation and incubation of technology projects.

In addition, the Shanghai Auto Mall will cooperate and communicate with Tsinghua University and the National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Motor Vehicle Products (Shanghai) in automotive technology research and development, standards research and development, product testing and certification to ensure a continuous supply of industrial resources and technical innovation capacity for the transformation center.

The cooperation between the East National Technology Transfer Center and the Shanghai International Automobile City, which has the first "Intelligent Connected Vehicle Demonstration Zone" in China, will further promote the industrialization of advanced technologies in the future intelligent automobile manufacturing industry and take a path of deep integration between the transformation of technological achievements and the industry market.

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