Six Centers and Seven Platforms - Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park opens the way to joint innovation between Boston and Shanghai

At the Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Corporate Park, which covers an area of 110 acres and has an office building of 12,000 square meters, the following guests were present: Wang Zhigang, Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Zhang Qiyue, Consul General of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in New York; Jin Xiaoming, Director of the Department of International Cooperation and He De-fang, Director of the Department of Policy Regulation and Supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology; and He De-fang, Executive Deputy Director of the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee. Cao Zhenquan, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, Massachusetts Speaker of the House of Representatives DeLeo, Mr. Harkin, Co-Chairman of the U.S.-China Cooperation and Development Committee and former Chairman of the Republican Party of the United States Massachusetts Committee, Dr. Li Jiansheng, Executive Chairman, and Thomas, Chairman of the New England Commission on Higher Education, and other leaders and guests, as well as representatives of entrepreneurs from China and the United States, witnessed the official ceremony on February 26, 2016. Start up operations. Enterprises and research institutions from both China and the U.S. can move into the park while becoming members, and can also set up industries and bases throughout the U.S. There are already cooperative projects in progress.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park (BEP) will focus on Shanghai's mission of building a globally influential science and technology innovation center, connecting with China's "Innovation Nation Strategy" and the U.S. "Innovation America Development Strategy", and playing a role in a wider range of areas. The role of China-US cooperation. With the main purpose of promoting the joint development of U.S.-China scientific and technological innovation, and using the enterprise park as a carrier, we will strive to break down the barriers to technological innovation between China and the U.S., promote the construction of joint development between the two sides, and form an international model park for China-U.S. scientific and technological cooperation. Efforts will be made to build six major centers and seven major platforms.

Due to its favorable geographical location and environmental resources, many international enterprises have relocated to Boston, and it has become the top-ranked technology innovation center in the United States. Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park is focusing on close cooperation with the Higher Education Commission of New England (six northeastern continents), the American Enterprise Alliance and other institutions, and uniting universities, research institutions and technology enterprises of China and the United States to build six centers.

  • Technology Innovation Center for Life Sciences and Biomedicine
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Center
  • Network Information Technology Innovation Center
  • Medical and Health Technology Innovation Center
  • Technology Innovation Center for Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits
  • Technology Innovation Center for New Energy and Environmental Protection

At the same time, the park will gather innovation resources such as universities, enterprises, R&D institutions, incubators and service providers and focus on building seven platforms.

  • U.S.-China Innovative Talent Development and Exchange Platform
  • Sino-US Joint Innovation Platform for Cutting-Edge Science and Technology
  • U.S.-China innovative technology R&D and exchange platform
  • China-U.S. Innovation Achievement Transfer and Trading Platform
  • International outreach and cooperation development platform for US-China innovative enterprises
  • Sino-American platform for incubation and incubation of innovative intelligence and emerging industries
  • The Sino-US innovation capital service and market matching platform will form an innovation cluster including R&D, incubation, industry, service, transaction and finance, providing a full range and full chain of advantageous services for Chinese and US enterprises.
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