Connecting with the global innovation system, realizing cross-border cooperation of science and technology innovation elements, and creating a new model of Sino-US innovation cooperation-Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Corporate Park Opening Ceremony was held.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Boston, USA, February 26 (Reporter Gao Pan, Shi Ying Shan) The opening ceremony of the enterprise park set up by China's Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Zone in Boston, USA, was held at the Massachusetts State Hall on February 26, marking the official launch of the Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park project. The project will provide an overseas base for the "going out" and "coming in" of China's scientific and technological innovation and emerging industries, and explore new modes of Sino-US cooperation in science and technology innovation.


Wang Zhigang, Party Secretary and Vice Minister of China's Ministry of Science and Technology, said at the opening ceremony on the same day that the construction of the Shanghai-Zhangjiang-Boston Corporate Park is not only in line with the current model of technological progress and industrial development, but also in line with the strategic direction of innovation in economic development between China and the United States. The strong combination of the two high-tech innovation centers in Shanghai and Boston will definitely have a great and positive impact on the development of the two places and even the two countries, as well as on global technological progress, technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

Chinese Consul General in New York Zhang Qiyue told Xinhua that China has been learning from foreign experience in establishing science and technology innovation parks in China over the past years, and as more and more Chinese companies mature and come out, this new cooperation model of Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park will have a certain demonstration effect.


Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said at the opening ceremony that the new business park project will integrate many of the best resources of Massachusetts and China, connecting companies and investors from both sides, which will not only create jobs and economic growth in Massachusetts, but also provide a good opportunity for the two sides to expand cooperation in research and development, innovation and other fields.


 Shanghai Zhangjiang Boston Enterprise Park will be jointly operated by Yangpu Science and Technology Innovation Center and the U.S. side. Leveraging the rich science and technology resources in the Boston area, it will promote extensive and in-depth cooperation between China and the United States in technological innovation, market expansion and capital operation, and provide a full range and full chain of quality services for Chinese and American enterprises. Achieving.

  • Gathering a number of world-class Chinese and American R&D institutions, technology enterprises and high-end talents to form a functional layout of R&D, incubation, industry, services, trading and finance and innovation development capabilities.
  • (a) Promoting the international transfer and transformation of a number of overseas talents, advanced technologies, high-quality capital and original innovations, forming a flexible and open mechanism for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and establishing a Sino-American science and technology innovation demonstration park.
  • A number of innovative enterprises with radiating capacity and functional platforms serving scientific and technological innovation have been established, forming an overseas innovation highland that feeds domestic scientific and technological innovation.
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