The Greatest Hits|Patent Valuation, Metaphysics or Science?

Patent is an important part of intellectual property, which is the abbreviation of patent right. It is the right granted by the state to the patent applicant for a certain period of time to enjoy the exclusive right to use and dispose of the fruits of invention and creation, which is a kind of property right and a powerful weapon to use the legal protection means to "run the race", occupy the existing market and seize the potential market. Patents include: invention patents, utility model patents and design patents.

Why do some say that patents are the nuclear weapons of business? How are patents valuable? It is vital to learn how to protect and operate patents. Let's watch the big names talk about the value of patents.
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Gu Xiaojun
B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University, MBA from City University of Macau, CEO of Patent Bank Shanghai Service Center, Shanghai Entrepreneurship Mentor. He has held management positions in well-known listed companies and well-known enterprises, served as the director of a national university science and technology park enterprise service center, and served as the director of several technology innovation enterprises. He is the co-inventor of several foreign patents and domestic patents. He has long been engaged in the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises, and has accumulated rich practical experience in the assessment of the market value of scientific and technological achievements, the transformation path of achievements and the cultivation of start-up enterprises. He has executed more than ten projects in establishing intellectual property protection system and patent result management, and has unique insights on patent operation.

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