Big Talk|The AIOT Black Technology Behind Epidemic Prevention and Control

At the end of 2019, a sudden outbreak disrupted people's forward progress and comfortable lives. The ineradicable new coronavirus has spread across the globe because of its high contagiousness and concealment, and constant protection and prevention has become part of people's daily lives.

In the face of such a powerful virus, technology has become an important weapon in our fight against the epidemic. How can we use technology to fight this raging epidemic? What black technologies are we using behind the epidemic prevention and control? Let's take a look at what the big names are saying.
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Fang Yizhou
Fang Yizhou, Technical Director of the Central Research Institute of Shanghai Yidian (Group) Co., Ltd, is a member of the CPC and a master's student. He has nearly 10 years of experience in IoT and AI product development, leading the development of a series of intelligent hardware and edge AI algorithm products, and building a series of digital transformation landing cases for industrial manufacturing, medical prevention and other industries.


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