Notice on the Announcement of the Results of the Public Selection of the Functional Platform's In-depth Evaluation Agency for Scientific and Technological Achievements

All relevant units.

In order to implement the requirements of the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Municipal R&D and Transformation Functional Platforms" (Shanghai Government Office Regulations [2018] No. 6) and the "Management Measures of Shanghai R&D and Transformation Functional Platforms", the National Technology Transfer Center East undertook the construction of the project of "Functional Platforms for the Transfer and Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements", and did a good job of evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of functional platforms, the National Technology Transfer East Center, together with Shanghai Technology Exchange, made public selection of service organizations for the city, and invited experts to form an expert evaluation committee to evaluate the evaluation materials of the declared organizations, and selected and determined 32 service organizations, and the evaluation results are now publicized.

The public notice period is from 22 September 2021 to 26 September 2021, a total of 5 days. Any objections to the content of the public notice should be addressed to the project team during the public notice period.

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Contact: Zhuang Ye


National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center


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Selected list of science and technology outcome evaluation agencies

serial numberName of institution
1Shanghai Patent & Trademark Office Co.
2Shanghai Yun Hatch Information Technology Co.
3Shanghai Library (Shanghai Institute of Scientific and Technological Information)
4Shanghai Sheng Zhihua Intellectual Property Service Co.
5Shanghai Pil Hing Law Firm
6Shanghai Science and Technology Research and Consulting Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
7Greystone Technology Services (Shanghai) Co.
8Shanghai Guanghua Patent Firm (General Partnership)
9Shanghai Pingyuan Intellectual Property Agency Co.
10Shanghai Duan & Duan Law Firm
11Shanghai University Technology Transfer Center
12Shanghai Noi Intellectual Property Agency (General Partnership)
13Shanghai Rongzhi Intellectual Property Agency Co.
14Shanghai Heng Hui Intellectual Property Agency (Special General Partnership)
15Shanghai Institute of Chemical Science and Technology Information
16Shanghai Tongji Technology Transfer Service Co.
17Shanghai Guohua Asset Appraisal Co.
18Shanghai Maitan Information Technology Co.
19Cheese (Shanghai) Management Consulting Co.
20Shanghai Bili Patent Evaluation Technology Co.
21Shanghai Xinzhanxin Intellectual Property Service Co.
22Crown Research (Shanghai) Patent Technology Co.
23Yumo Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co.
24Shanghai Tainan Intellectual Property Agency (General Partnership)
25Shanghai Valley You Help Business Incubator Co.
26Shanghai National University Technology Market Co.
27Jing Heng Technology (Shanghai) Co.
28Science and Technology (Shanghai) Technology Services Co.
29Shanghai Miaozheng Intellectual Property Service Center
30Shanghai Trilogy Business Information Consulting Co.
31Shanghai Anya Shenxin Asset Appraisal Co.
32Shanghai Hengrui Intellectual Property Service Co.
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