Nanyang Branch Center

On May 26, 2021, Mr. Zou Shujun, CEO of National Technology Transfer Center East, and Mr. Wang Zhi, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Nanyang Talent Development Group, signed the Cooperation Agreement of Building Nanyang Branch Center of National Technology Transfer Center East. Up to now, 29 domestic sub-centers of the National Technology Transfer Center East have been laid out. It has further strengthened the technology transfer ecological network based on Shanghai, linking the Yangtze River Delta and radiating the whole country. It is hoped that in the future, around the linkage and integration of technology factor market and talent factor market, combined with Nanyang's actual construction of science and innovation service system to serve in attracting, nurturing, retaining and using talents, deep and multi-faceted analysis was made and experience from the Yangtze River Delta and international exploration was given, pointing out the key points, identifying the power points and proposing the support points for Nanyang to build an emerging regional economic center and build a big city with high quality. The key points were identified and support points were proposed.

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