The 20th Anniversary of Shanghai Yangpu Technology and Entrepreneurship Center Co.

The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Shanghai Yangpu Technology and Entrepreneurship Center Co.

In order to further inherit and carry forward the innovation spirit of Yangchuang, standing at the new starting point of 20 years, insisting on party building as the leader and adhering to the development concept of "Fire Culture", in the afternoon of April 15, "20 Years of Innovation, 100 Years of Youth - a series of activities dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China Ltd. was held in Shanghai Yihai Theatre. Nearly 1,000 people attended the event, including leaders of Shanghai science and technology system, incubation industry colleagues, Yangchuang employees and representatives of incubated enterprises.

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Inside the theatre

The event was guided by the CPC Shanghai Science and Technology Working Committee and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, sponsored by the CPC Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center Committee, the CPC Shanghai Yangpu District New Jiangwan City Street Working Committee and the CPC Shanghai Yangpu District Wujiaochang Street Working Committee, and specifically organized by the General Branch Committee of the CPC Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center Co.

By making the 20th anniversary a theatrical concert with music, drama and interviews, we will mirror the important stages of Yangchuang's development with the important chapters of the development of the Communist Party of China, and review the 20 years of innovative development, so as to inherit and promote how Yangchuang, under the leadership of the Party, never forget its original intention, take up its role, work hard and dedicate itself to the pursuit of excellence, as a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

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Shanghai TV host Dong Dong made an opening appearance with Yang Chuang's doll "Little Chuang" and the main product of Yang Chuang's incubatees - Find Smart Piano, and sang the theme song of Yang Chuang's 20th anniversary.

Party building tribute drama "The Road to Innovation

General manager Xie Jihua gave a speech on the theme of gratitude

"Listen, I say" poem recitation

As a part of Yangpu Entrepreneurship, to congratulate Yangchuang on its 20th birthday, the National Center for Technology Transfer East presented a program: "You Listen, I Speak" poem recitation.

In the recitation of "You Listen, I Speak", the Eastern Center compared Yangchuang Group to "I" and the entrepreneurs and employees to "you", celebrating the Group's 20th anniversary struggle.

The images of "I" include "seedling - tree", "baby - youth", "stone - mountain" and "water drop - river". "Water droplets - rivers", which refer to green technology, innovation pursuit, continuous leadership and transmission integration respectively.

At the same time, the development journey of reform, breakthrough, momentum building and leapfrogging are also shown in the text with metaphors. Finally, the poem ends with more and bigger dreams, symbolizing Yangchuang's unlimited development potential and a brighter tomorrow.

Yang Chuang's song "Set Sail" chorus

At present, Yangchuang has 12 science and technology parks, 21 specialized functional subsidiaries, operating and managing millions of square meters of science and technology parks and thousands of enterprise resources, and has formed five major brands: "Fudan Venture - Yangpu Venture - Bay Valley Acceleration" whole chain industrial incubation system; the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, which is one of the "four beams and eight pillars" of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center; the Shanghai Technology Exchange, which is the first national permanent technology market in China. The National Technology Transfer East Center, a functional platform for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the Shanghai Technology Exchange, the first national permanent technology market in China. By building a science and technology financial holding group, we are practicing the role of "urban emerging industry operator".

01 Wickerwork, the times make Yang Chuang
On April 12, 2001, Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, together with Shanghai Fudan Science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Wujiaochang High-Tech Joint Development Co., Ltd. invested 45 million yuan to initiate the establishment of Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise Yangpu Incubation Base Co. At this point, the Yangpu Incubation Base, which was established in 1997, completed its first institutional innovation, separating its operation and ownership into a base company with a registered capital of 45 million yuan and a non-profit institution dedicated to business incubation.

"Yangpu Incubation Base is operated with "two brands, two teams and two mechanisms

02 Innovation for the soul, practicing fire culture
Guided by the values of "innovation, transmission, leadership and pursuit", through the practice of business development, Yangchuang summarizes, refines and forms a unique corporate culture with "Yangpu characteristics"---"Fire Culture". "Fire Culture". The "Fire Culture" has become the soul of "Yangpu Venture", and "innovation, transmission, leadership and pursuit" have become the highest guidelines for all Yangchuang people. Yangchuang has formed a set of corporate culture system with rich connotation including the purpose, vision, core values, mission and spirit of the center.

The Yangpu Model of Incubating the Whole Chain with Embedded Quality Factor

03 Building the future with dreams and legacies
On 30 March 2020, the State Council issued the Opinions on Building a More Perfect Institutional Mechanism for the Market-based Allocation of Factors, pointing out the importance and urgency of "accelerating the development of technology factor markets" and "promoting the reform of market-based allocation of technology factors". On January 31, 2021, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the Action Plan for Building a High Standard Market System, which proposed to support the China Technology Exchange, Shanghai Technology Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and other institutions to build national intellectual property rights and property rights trading institutions for scientific and technological achievements, and accelerate the development of technology trading services. All these have pointed out the direction for the technology transfer work that Yang Chuang has been promoting for several years.

In the future, Yangchuang will focus on realizing "panoramic linkage of factor market allocation", taking technology transfer and transformation as the entry point and technology industrialization as the target, systematically allocating technology, data, human resources, capital and even land factors, focusing on specific industries, taking innovation centers or industrialization centers as the grip, realizing the integration of large, medium and small enterprises It will enhance the marketability of technology transfer, train professional technology managers, make a direct link between the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and regional economic development, and help the overall development of scientific and technological innovation.

As a part of Yangchuang, the Eastern Center has been taking technology transfer as its mission. It strives to build a combined innovation demonstration area with technology trading, incubation guidance, science and technology finance, international docking and other functions, rich in science and education resources, strong industrial base, perfect technology transfer mechanism and model innovation, and global influence. In the future, the Eastern Center will continue to focus on technology transfer, focus on technology trading and market, link technology trading up and down, enhance exchanges, promote cooperation, and contribute to building Shanghai into a nationally influential highland of science and innovation!

Source: Yangpu Venture

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