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"Party building leads, rural revitalization"


In order to explore effective ways to strengthen branch building, interaction among party members, interconnection of activities and sharing of resources, promote mutual docking, mutual integration and mutual promotion between branches, enhance the internal dynamics of the integrated development of party branches, and realize the complementary advantages and common improvement of party branches in the twinning activities, on June 16, 2021, the Eastern Center Party Branch of the General Branch Committee of Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center Co. Ltd. carried out the twinning activity of "Party Building Leading, Rural Revitalization" with the Party Branch Committee of Yuadong Village, Construction Town, Chongming District.

The co-build activity was also strongly supported by the leaders of Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center and Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, who witnessed the signing of the twinning agreement together. The details are as follows.

First of all, Gong Wei, Party Secretary of Chongming District Construction Town, introduced the basic situation of the town, resource endowment and industrial planning, as well as the thinking of building a district-level rural revitalization demonstration village in Chongming District Zhandong Village, and raised expectations for the joint construction cooperation between the two sides.
Secondly, Xie Jihua, General Manager of Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center and President of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, introduced the trinity 1+x+n strategic layout of Yangkechuang, Eastern Center, and Technology Exchange, proposed that the power of science and technology can be fully utilized to enhance the industrial capacity on the basis of Chongming's building a world-class ecological island and rural revitalization, and expressed full support for the construction from resource sharing, talent development, and advantageous industries. He also expressed his full support for the revitalization and development of Zhenxing East Village from resource sharing, talent development and advantageous industries, contributing to the national rural revitalization strategy.
Thirdly, the activity revolves around the in-depth implementation of the Party's 19th National Congress on the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and the major deployment of strengthening grass-roots organizations, further promoting the theme of rural revitalization led by grass-roots party building, discussing and exchanging how to empower the elements of science and technology for agricultural development in the new era, taking joint building as an opportunity to coordinate resources from all sides, jointly providing good services and practically helping rural revitalization.

Finally, in the presence of leaders from both sides, Cao Shen, Secretary of the Eastern Center Party Branch of the General Branch Committee of Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center Co., Ltd. and Shen Xiaoling, Secretary of the General Party Branch of Da Jung Village signed a joint building agreement and took a group photo.

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