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Modern biotechnology has developed rapidly in the past 20 years, increasingly influencing and changing people's production and lifestyle, among which 60% is used in the pharmaceutical industry to improve or develop new specialty drugs, which play a vital role in human health.

In recent years, the state has continuously introduced policies and regulations to encourage the development of innovative drugs, and the cooperation between Chinese innovative drug development enterprises and multinational pharmaceutical companies and research institutes has gradually deepened. With the emergence of various innovative technologies, the introduction of various government support policies, and the continuous breakthroughs in the field of life science research, the "stage" of the biopharmaceutical industry is getting bigger and bigger.

The first Inno-Express roadshow is now underway, followed by the second roadshow.

this time"International Technology Direct Inno-Express - Biomedical Session"The National Center for Technology Transfer East and Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market will work together with Zhi Fan Ye Mao to bring the sharing and matching of cutting-edge pharmaceutical projects, the results of which are selected clinical phase I and II new drugs and vaccine projects from China, Israel, the United States, Germany, etc. The event will also invite technical experts from Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group to comment and exchange on the projects.

The offline event is a targeted invitation system, the online live channel will open a limited number of places, interested friends can identify the QR code in the poster, join the road show WeChat group, you can get participation and more project information Oh.

Project Profile in advance

01Broad-spectrum antiviral drug development

➤Project Description.

Applying proprietary structured drug design technologies to develop best-in-class broad-spectrum antivirals for acute chronic viral diseases, including seasonal and pandemic influenza, COVID-19, hepatitis C and norovirus gastroenteritis, there is a very broad market opportunity. The business conducts multiplex delivery testing of its products and has a robust development pipeline, including a long-term partnership with Merck Pharmaceuticals. A highly economical business model has been developed, backed by a strong capital structure and with a team of leaders including two Nobel Prize winners and several biotech industry experts, making the project a great technical, commercial and financial success.

➤Technical Advantages.

  • A Nobel Prize-winning technology and drug discovery platform based on
  • A potent influenza A/B inhibitor developed in conjunction with Merck.
  • Obtain exclusive patents from leading universities for coronavirus and norovirus treatments.

➤Landing needs.

financing needs, and more partnership opportunities in the China market.

02Resminostat, a small molecule drug

➤Project Description.

The item is the drug Resminostat, an oral histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor that may represent a new therapy for a wide range of oncological indications in monotherapy, especially when used in combination with other anti-cancer drugs.

In preclinical models, the drug has shown selectivity for class I, IIB and IV HDAC enzymes, with specificity for inhibition of the metastatic-active HDAC6 protein. It has the potential to benefit a wide range of oncology patients by inhibiting tumor progression and metastasis, inducing tumor regression and enhancing the body's own immune response to cancer.

➤Technical Advantages.

  • Increases the expression of NKG2D ligands on tumor cells of various origins.
  • Dose-dependent increase in the sensitivity of target cells to NK cell lysis.
  • The mediated effect depends on NKG2DL upregulation.

➤Landing needs.

Further cooperation for entering the Chinese market.

03Novel antisense therapies targeting tumor cells

➤Project Description.

The project team has shown initial efficacy signals and a favorable safety profile in the development of novel and proprietary antisense oligonucleotides (ASO) for difficult-to-treat cancers in preliminary test results. The team identified new targets: long-stranded non-coding mitochondrial RNAs that play a significant role in cell proliferation, leading to the development of relevant drugs primarily for solid tumors, mainly in the hepatobiliary system and pancreas. The drug selectively targets tumor cells without affecting normal cells, and is based on preclinical studies showing that the drug reduces proliferative signals, induces apoptosis and inhibits tissue invasion, and regulates cell proliferation and apoptosis at the transcriptional level. Inducing cell cycle arrest by inhibiting key cell cycle process factors may slow tumor growth and preclude primary tumor recurrence.

➤Technical Advantages.

  • The team's discovery of a unique family of 2 classes of long non-coding mitochondrial RNAs and their properties.
  • Targeting the development of novel and proprietary antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs).
  • The drug selectively targets tumor cells without affecting normal cells.

➤Landing needs.

Seeking partners to co-develop targeted therapies, with options for drug licensing, global development, regulatory and commercialization responsibilities, etc.

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