"All Elephants Demand, Global Reveal" - INNO-MATCH channel of 2021 Global Technology Transfer Conference is officially opened

The year 2020 was a year of challenges and opportunities, as we collectively experienced the New Crown epidemic and socio-economic ups and downs; at the same time, 2020 was also a fruitful year, as we won the battle against poverty and successfully ushered in the National Conference.

From the closing year of the 13th Five-Year Plan to 2021, the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, scientific and technological innovation and market mechanism reform have always been a part of China's development path. To build a modern socialist country in a comprehensive manner, we mustPutting technology first.Play a key and central role in science, technology and innovationWe should make scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement a strategic support for national development, and climb to the peak of science and technology with a spirit of indefatigability and hard work to promote high-quality development.


"Demand to Supply - Innovative Services".2021 Pujiang Innovation Forum - Global Technology Transfer Conference (INNO-MATCH EXPO)will be held in30 May - 1 June 2021InShanghai Exhibition CenterOrganized. The conference will align with the national concept of science and technology innovation development, build a platform for the convergence of supply and demand resources of science and technology achievements, explore the potential of cooperation, create cooperation value, benefit global large, medium and small enterprises, service institutions, research institutes, let science and technology innovation into the market, inject strong momentum for global economic development, and let people seek a better life together.


"Pujiang Innovation Forum" Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the Forum was established in 2008 to plan and promote innovation from a global perspective, and is committed to establishing itself as a place where important signals are released, important topics are led and important discussions are curated in the field of global science and technology innovation, and after 13 years of development, it has become a high-level international innovation forum with wide influence.

Since 2012, the Forum has pioneered the mechanism of "Guest-of-Honor Countries and Provinces", added the "Belt and Road" symposium and the "International Symposium on High-level Scientific Research Institutions", actively integrated into the global innovation network, created a "world meeting room" to gather global consensus on innovation, and promoted the building of a "community of human destiny". The Forum has been actively integrated into the global innovation network, creating a "world meeting room" for global innovation consensus and promoting the building of a "community of human destiny".

The Forum has joined hands with world-renowned research institutions, scientific journals and industry leaders to create the Future Science Forum and the Emerging Technology Forum to discuss cutting-edge hot topics such as climate change, digital transformation of cities and brain-like science, which are closely related to human life, focusing on innovation trends, insight into future science, exploring emerging technologies and looking forward to industrial changes.

Shanghai Vice Mayor Wu Qing Attends INNO-MATCH 2020 Global Technology Transfer Conference

2021 Global Technology Transfer Conference INNO-MATCHAs this year'sLandmark event to upgrade the PJ Innovation ForumThe event will focus on the theme of technology transfer and technology managers, attracting global innovation resources and innovation think tanks to gather in Shanghai, with representatives of well-known domestic and foreign industry associations, institutions, innovative enterprises, research institutes, etc. While exploring global technology transfer trends, the event will focus on"Vientiane Demand, Global Reveal"This important topic showcases the innovation needs of Chinese companies, and is intended to connect the elites from various industries around the world to create an integrated place for global innovation needs.

Site map of the INNO-MATCH pavilion at the 2020 Global Technology Transfer Conference


01 Pre-conference demand collection, building a resource platform

Prior to this conference, the organizing committee will link up with various units and institutions to carry out"Call for Needs Month"The event, which solicits the innovation needs of international and domestic industry backbone enterprises and releases them during the conference process, builds a platform for research institutions and SMEs worldwide to provide solutions to achieve"Leading supply with demand and innovative services"of the value of the General Assembly.

2020 Global Technology Transfer Conference INNO-MATCH Corporate Pavilion Site


About the "Call for Demand Month" campaign

Companies with technical difficulties that cannot be overcome? No one has uncovered the list of difficult problems?

2021 Global Technology Transfer Conference INNO-MATCH & Innovation Challenge"Call for Needs Month"It will be fully launched soon, with a comprehensive call for innovation needs from various enterprises, covering various fields such as electronic information, advanced manufacturing automation, biology and new medicine, new materials, new energy and energy saving, resources and environment, aerospace, technology services, etc., which will be exclusively released at the global technology transfer conference INNO-MATCH!

Innovative services plus multipliers.100+ small and medium-sized enterprises.100+ quality science and technology service providers in the Yangtze River Delta region and nationwide.5+ International Technology Transfer Association (ITTA) organization, co-leadingUnleashing demand for innovationLaunch a community-wide mobilization!


02 Continuously dovetail technology needs and share platform resources

The conference will showcase a number of previous Innovation Challenges that have been successfully appliedSolutions; strengthen the support and service functions of Shanghai Technology Exchange and Innovation Challenge platform for the conference.

2020 Shanghai Technology Exchange Opens Market at INNO-MATCH, the Global Technology Transfer Conference


Following its participation in the global technology transfer conference INNO-MATCH in 2020, where the official opening of the market was announced at the opening ceremony.The Shanghai Technology Exchange will also be back at the conference in 2021.This conference will provide a full range of technology trading services support, integrate the technical achievements and needs of participating institutions and enterprises, and set upExclusive access to technical services, listing disclosure information, organizing intent to trade, and providing on-site visual information tours.

In the week following the show, it will create"Technology Trading Week"It will continue to dovetail with technology needs, provide comprehensive services to participating enterprises and institutions, and promote China's technology trading market to a new level with a global perspective.


03 Focus on industry elites, discussing innovative technology

2021 Global Technology Transfer Conference INNO-MATCH will continue to focus on the development of the technology transfer industry, creatingTechnical ManagerThe stage for exchange; it will also focusKey industries, hot technologies and headline companiesThe company also carries out special activities such as new product and technology releases, demand releases and results roadshows, and jointly promotes the efficient flow, docking and cooperation of technology market elements.

2020 Global Technology Transfer Conference INNO-MATCH Summit Forum Live


2021 Global Technology Transfer Conference INNO-MATCH will set sail soon, and the exhibition channel has been officially opened. In addition, the "Demand Collection Month" will be launched soon, and the collection incentive policy will be released recently. Let's join hands and enter the anticipated 2021 Global Technology Transfer Conference INNO-MATCH!


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