The 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge Fenhu Special Field Competition was successfully held

On January 8th, the 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge Fenhu Special Field Competition was successfully held under the guidance of Fenhu Hi-tech Zone Management Committee, organized by National Technology Transfer Eastern Center and Fenhu Hi-tech Zone Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Park, and hosted by National Technology Transfer Eastern Center Fenhu Branch Center. By organizing a series of activities such as visits and matchmaking, the Fenhu Special Competition further mobilized the enthusiasm of the results and the demand side, which led to the cooperation of multiple parties and effectively enhanced the collaborative innovation capability of enterprises.

Li Li, Vice President of National Center for Technology Transfer East, said in her speech that Fenhu, as the early start-up area of the Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone and the first gateway of Suzhou city to Shanghai, is an important cooperation area of National Center for Technology Transfer East in building the technology transfer ecology of the Yangtze River Delta. The two sides have already achieved fruitful cooperation in the Innovation Challenge, Fenhu sub-center, innovation vouchers and construction of science and technology market. In the future, relying on policy support and platform advantageous resources, the Eastern Center will look forward to more extensive and in-depth cooperation with Fenhu, empowering Fenhu's innovation development and contributing to the integrated high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta!

The live competition was centered on a "live roadshow" where nine challenge teams competed on site.

The first roadshow project is fromTechnical requirement for "hydrogen peroxide disinfection equipment" from Wujiang Linsen Purification Equipment Co.VHP aseptic transfer window technology is the world's more advanced clean technology currently on the market has a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide transfer window sterilization medium is 30-35% concentration, is a critical chemical, seeking hydrogen peroxide concentration of 8% or less or other media of effective sterilization of a device or method is currently the biggest difficulty.Ltd, the National Dyeing and Finishing Engineering Technology Research Center, Mr. Liu Baojiang, and Mr. Gao Pin from Donghua University showed specific solutions for this demand, and finally Mr. Gao Pin from Donghua University won the competition.


The second roadshow project was presented byTechnical requirement for "fireproof insulation core material" from Suzhou Jinxin Insulation Technology Co., the company is currently producing a new polymer material silica board that can meet the requirements of heat preservation and energy saving, but also prevent fire, its unique composite microstructure, successfully solved the comprehensive balance of fire prevention, insulation, strength, density, water absorption and other insulation material performance indicators of the problem. However, its production of silica board is limited in use in certain areas due to material reasons, and hopes to develop a fireproof insulation core material with fire performance up to grade A, brittleness, hardness, weight capacity, price, etc. in line with the market.Prof. Zhou Jintang from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Hengmai Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. and Zheng Wenjian from Yangtze River Delta Institute of Advanced Materials presented their solutions, and the winner of this group was Prof. Zhou Jintang from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The third group of projects isThe technical requirement of "nursing robot" from Suzhou Ou Sheng Electric Co.. As an outstanding company in the health care field, Ou Sheng Electric hopes to further improve the robot cleaning and disinfection, operation noise, cost of use, etc.Ltd. as the challengers presented a specific solution for the requirement, and Prof. Jiang Jingchu of Shanghai University, Prof. Song Tianlin of Soochow University, and Zhenjiang Haoquan Medical Technology Co.

It is worth mentioning that the chairman of the trade union of Baowu Wusongkou Venture Park was also invited to share the open innovation concept with the enterprises present at the event. He said that Baowu has been committed to building an open innovation and entrepreneurship ecology, gathering the wisdom of all people and promoting the interactive development of traditional industries and emerging industries.

The end of the field competition is not the end, as a pioneer start-up area for the Yangtze River Delta integration demonstration zone, Fenhu will further exert the power of science and technology innovation, take the innovation needs of enterprises as the guide, activate the innovation potential of enterprises, explore the new mode of Yangtze River Delta collaborative innovation, promote the deep integration of science and technology and industry, and create an ecology of achievement transformation.
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