Promoting innovation in regional enterprise development Deepening the comprehensive construction of Yangpu Science and Technology Market

On December 25, 2020, the 5th China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge - Yangpu District Sub-Competition "Project Roadshow Matchmaking - Smart Manufacturing Project Session" was successfully held in Shanghai Development Parkland Venture Space.

The event was guided by Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Shanghai Employment Promotion Center, organized by Shanghai Yangpu District Employment Promotion Center and National Technology Transfer East Center, and co-organized by Yangpu Science and Technology Market, Sci-Tech Help, Fayuandi Venture Space and Shanghai Internet Industry Investment Alliance.

The person in charge of China Telecom Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base expressed a sincere welcome to the participants and gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation of the FPD Venture Space, expressing the hope that through more exchanges and interactions with Yangpu Science and Technology Market, the space will become a gathering place for enterprises in Yangpu District and jointly promote the high-speed development and innovation of regional enterprises.

Mr. Tang Caiyou, an expert in entrepreneurship guidance in Shanghai, shared his topic on "The Choice of Enterprise Financing Path", which provided effective directions and guiding advice for enterprises to obtain funds through multiple channels and maintain stable operations through the comparison of financing models.

Ltd., Liu Zhixuan, founder of Casting Nation Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Huang Ping, project director of Shanghai Jiucheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Yu Menglu, vice president of investment of Yuntu Yuanrui Technology Co.

Mr. Guangliang Feng presented the project "BaggeAR Video Collaboration Platform", which provides a solution for many workforces around the world, and the technology will greatly enhance our ability to live, work, and improve the way we live and work.

Mr. Liu Zhixuan brought the "Hailing Robot" project. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, AI technology has become the key direction of technological change, and robots carrying artificial intelligence will come into more ordinary family life with the maturity of technology.

Mr. Ping Huang brought the project of "Jiu Coronet Network", which pioneered the integrated application of ARINC664 network and 5G wireless communication technology for civil avionics system, and combined with modern software technology to realize the complete solution of cloud management end side.

Ms. Yu Menglu brought the project "Yuntu Yuanrui Platform", which uses emerging technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing to build an intelligent market insight infrastructure, empower scientific decision-making and serve enterprises, governments and social organizations.

In the interactive session of the event, the project parties had a full and enthusiastic exchange with the mentors and investment institutions. The mentors and investment institutions also analyzed and evaluated the enterprises on site from the aspects of business model, competitive advantages and potential problems of the enterprises, and gave relevant suggestions on the future development of the enterprises.

Through this project roadshow matchmaking activity, the distance between project parties, investment institutions and mentors was further narrowed, the efficiency of financing matchmaking was improved, and the investment and financing channels of enterprises were broadened. Participating enterprises and institutions have expressed that the activity provided an opportunity for everyone to showcase and interact, and built a platform for effective communication.

The event was also live-streamed in many mainstream media such as Bajia, Beep, Today's Headline and Nail, in addition to the more than 30 attendees present, allowing more investment institutions and companies to learn about the roadshow's projects and providing more opportunities for cooperation.

The market will continue to carry out project roadshows, entrepreneurial sharing, supply and demand matching sessions and other related series of activities, through the integration of resources from all sides at the same time, we also hope that we have something to gain, let us look forward to the next phase of activities!

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