2020 Sino-Israeli Strategic Roadshow is a perfect conclusion! A new chapter in the Yangtze River Delta gradient of Sino-Israeli cooperation begins

In order to further strengthen the deep cooperation between China and Israel, promote the seamless connection with Israeli science and innovation projects, and realize the gradient transfer of technology industrialization chain in the Yangtze River Delta region. This afternoon, the "Online Roadshow on Israeli High-End Manufacturing Strategy Cooperation" jointly organized by the National Technology Transfer East Center (hereinafter referred to as "East Center"), Sheng-BDO Israel, Kunshan Science and Technology Bureau, Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute and Kunshan Technology Brokers Association was successfully held. "was successfully held.

The roadshow event started from the actual needs of local enterprises in Kunshan, combined with the basic elements of the Kunshan market, and substantially promoted the cooperation between China and Israel in technology transfer. The Israeli IoT companies Rayven, MPP, NeuralFlow, an artificial intelligence and process industry platform, and Vocalzoom, a vibration sensor, participated in the roadshow and introduced their current high-end technologies and products in turn, and effectively communicated with local institutions in Kunshan regarding cooperation in China, which received wide attention from the participating Chinese companies and relevant institutions.


This event is the fourth online roadshow for China-Israel strategic cooperation held by the Eastern Center this year. Since undertaking the construction of the China-Israel Technology Transfer Platform in 2018, the Eastern Center has been actively promoting the work of China-Israel in order to accelerate the development of the construction of a technology factor market that meets the needs of both regions. In September this year, the China-Israel Technology Transfer Platform (https://ic.gtechmall.com), which was built with the participation of the Eastern Center, has been successfully launched, with the initial construction of the "three banks and one channel" system of Israeli guest database, project database, demand database and information channel. The platform has gathered 93 Israeli projects, more than 60 Israeli experts, and 2,678 quality project demands for reverse transfer to Israel. In the future, the Eastern Center will strengthen the construction of the Sino-Israeli platform ecosystem and accelerate bilateral factor flow cooperation.

Introduction of Israeli companies in this roadshow

01   VocalZoom, Inc.

VocalZoom, Inc. was founded in 2010. The company has developed and launched an ultra-small, low-cost, non-contact vibration sensor (laser sensor) for industrial IoT applications that ensures faster and easier deployment of predictive maintenance solutions with minimal integration costs and downtime.

02   Rayven IOT, Inc.

Founded in 2016, Rayven IOT helps industrial companies turn data into meaningful business outcomes by leveraging next-generation IoT technologies, machine learning and predictive analytics, and by using a rapid prototyping approach to help the company's customers and partners provide simple, affordable, dedicated IoT solutions to their customers, delivering innovative services while enabling business paradigm shift.

03   Neural Flow, Inc.

Founded in 2017, Neural Flow is a company dedicated to combining artificial intelligence with process engineering to provide production services, process optimization, and improved yields and operational efficiency for the process industry.Neural Flow combines process engineering with artificial intelligence tools to address the core challenges faced by the process industry. The company achieves prediction of target parameters for manufacturing processes by analyzing control parameters, deriving correlations between process parameters, and developing mathematical models for the process.Neural Flow is able to identify process anomalies from this data, monitor process parameter drift and hidden patterns, and provide valid conclusions and operational recommendations to achieve process improvement and optimization, avoiding wasted resources and time.

0Micro Point Pro (MPP)

Micro Point Pro (MPP) is a leading provider of custom solutions for the semiconductor and other microelectronic device assembly industries. with over 40 years of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of microtools and other custom tools, MPP offers end-to-end solutions for a wide range of applications to meet the needs of many customers, some of whom are market leaders in their respective fields. .

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