Japan's advanced black technology is bursting at the seams - Listen to the China-Japan Technology Transfer Exchange Summit

The National Technology Transfer Talent Training Base (Eastern Center), through the overseas channel resources of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center and synthesizing Japan's many years of successful experience and achievements in technology transfer, is organizing a 2-day (Dec. 11, Dec. 18) special event of lecture training and roadshow of cutting-edge projects in Japan to promote rapid development of technology transfer talents and substantial project matching.

The event on December 11 was organized by TIC Japan and TIC China, which provided keynote lectures and project presentations for the participating audience, and was supported by local Japanese industry associations, Astamuse, a leading Japanese patent management company, Licensbank, a technology bank, MS-JAPAN, a corporate service organization, the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Organization, the Nagoya Small and Medium Enterprise Support Association, the Osaka Corporate Club, and other organizations for their great assistance and support. Through this event, the import, landing and introduction of advanced technologies, unique patents and high-tech talents from Japan will make due contribution to technology transfer, patent introduction and talent exchange in China.

In the China-Japan Technology Transfer Exchange Summit, a number of senior experts from different industries in Japan brought advanced black technologies from Japan one after another, which were full of highlights.


At the event, Mr. Hiroshi Katsuta, President of EBS Co., Ltd. brought a wonderful speech about the latest generation of photocatalysts on the global outlook to defeat the new crown virus; Takayuki (Dr.) Asano, President of Rey Partners Co., Ltd. shared the development and future of supercapacitor batteries. As an important guest of the event, Dr. Ryuichi Asahi (Chinese name: Xu Chaolong), Vice Chairman of TIC (Japan) and Chairman of TIC (China), presented a project roadshow on the 30% incremental diesel water filling device, aerial water extraction machine, steam energy saving technology and strong magnetic field thermal decomposition waste treatment equipment held by his respective companies; and shared his personal experience on the transformation and introduction of project technologies in China and Japan He also shared his personal experience in translating Chinese and Japanese projects into technology, bringing new concepts and exploring ideas for future practical operations and thinking of the event participants.

In addition, a second event will be held onThis Friday (Dec. 18) at 9 p.m.As scheduled, stay tuned!

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